Friday, October 20, 2017

LA Times Crossword Answers, October 21st 2017

On this page you will find all the answers to LA Times Crossword of October 21st 2017.

October 21st 2017 Answers

Clue Answer
Get lovey-dovey SNUGGLE
Fertilizes, in a way MANURES
Spousal consent YESDEAR
Dryer component AIRVENT
Creamy rice dish RISOTTO
Tiruchirappalli title SRI
California region named for a literary hero TARZANA
It can lead into day or night MID
Shade-loving plant HOSTA
Big chunk of time EON
State probably named for a French province MAINE
Mobile app? UBER
Relay settings MEETS
Object of veneration ICON
Edible conifer seed PINENUT
Many an IKEA buy KIT
Slangy refusal NAH
Brought down a Giant, say TACKLED
Arrivals COMINGS
Kyrgyzstan range ALAI
Interior design DECOR
Glitzy affair GALA
Informed, with "in" CLUED
Sound heard going up a mountain, maybe POP
Film in which the title character says, "I don't permit the suffering. You do" OHGOD
Yoga class syllables OMS
"Please, please ... " IBEGYOU
Half-hearted WAN
Prevailing conditions CLIMATE
Absinthe flavoring ANISEED
Solemnly commands ADJURES
Gets new players for RECASTS
Hooks or lures TEASERS
Road wreck SMASHUP
Capital south of Addis Ababa NAIROBI
Not yet up UNRISEN
Bloke's address GUV
Actress Scacchi GRETA
Siberian river to the Arctic Ocean LENA
Where the Boss' band once rehearsed ESTREET
Hard heads TYRANTS
Buttermilk holder? REIN
Indian tea region ASSAM
Bachelor's last words? IDO
Rodents on wheels, perhaps PETMICE
Attended informally SATINON
Like the wind ERODENT
Muppet friend of Elmo ZOE
Any one of the male "Big Bang Theory" main characters TREKKIE
Shoot for the moon AIMHIGH
Softened MUTED
Man of La Mancha SENOR
Nada NIL
Whale group GAM
Buffet featuring tortillas and fixings TACOBAR
Hog's call? ALLMINE
Conditioned response? DEPENDS
Repro man? COPYCAT
Source of some annoying online messages NAGWARE
Crowing type GLOATER
The blues SADNESS
Gear tooth COG
Mercury money DIMES
Medium board OUIJA
Source of folic acid BEET
Quaint retail adjective OLDE
Letters on some tee tags USA
Ancient Greek statuary site: Abbr. MUS


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