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LA Times Crossword Answers, October 30th 2017

On this page you will find all the answers to LA Times Crossword of October 30th 2017.

October 30th 2017 Answers

Clue Answer
Press (down), as pipe bowl ash TAMP
Life-saving proc. CPR
Collect $200 in Monopoly PASSGO
Top poker pair ACES
Feel remorse for RUE
Brewpub fixture ALETAP
*Palestine, to many HOLYLAND
Soccer game shout OLEOLE
St. plagued by wildfires in 2017 ORE
Leaves out OMITS
Colorado resort ASPEN
Other side in a fight ENEMY
Monterey County seat SALINAS
*Slam-dance area MOSHPIT
Spontaneous notion WHIM
Classic Ford MODELT
One of eight Eng. kings EDW
Cola, e.g. SODA
Actress Longoria EVA
Vienna's country: Abbr. AUS
Gobble up EAT
Do sales work (for) REP
Baseball glove MITT
Baseball throw PEG
Multi-room accommodations SUITES
Praiseful verses ODES
*What "blows no good" ILLWIND
More geeky NERDIER
V-shaped carving NOTCH
Happy expression SMILE
"Six __ a-laying ... " GEESE
Yokohama yes HAI
Descartes' "I think" COGITO
"Spring forward" partner (a reminder for November 5th) ... and what the last word of each answer to a starred clue can literally have FALLBACK
From boat to beach ASHORE
Island strings UKE
Pre-deal wager ANTE
Poker player, e.g. BETTOR
'60s hallucinogen LSD
Enjoys 23-Across SKIS
Nevada border lake TAHOE
Bit of a squirrel's stash ACORN
Messy fight MELEE
Future therapist's maj. PSY
Study at the last minute CRAM
Say "You're grounded" to, say PUNISH
Administrative complications REDTAPE
Kung __ chicken PAO
Edgar __ Poe ALLAN
Up-and-down playground fixtures SEESAWS
*Jam on the brakes STOPSHORT
More than a breeze GALE
Ready for customers OPEN
Common Jesuit school name LOYOLA
Playground fixture SLIDE
Sra., on the Seine MME
Formal "My bad" ITWASI
Camille's concept IDEE
Route providers MAPS
Note to the staff MEMO
Exiled Roman poet OVID
*Regular dinner-and-a-movie evening DATENIGHT
Former MLB commissioner Bud SELIG
Way under a river TUNNEL
"Cats" poet TSELIOT
Full of joy GLEEFUL
About-to-be spouse's words IDO
Inflicts, as havoc WREAKS
Nostalgically trendy RETRO
Say "Much obliged" to THANK
Desert plants CACTI
Walks with backpacks HIKES
Picket line violator SCAB
Jazzman Allison MOSE
Word with bob or dog SLED
Poetic "above" OER
Eng. majors' degrees BAS


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