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LA Times Crossword Answers, August 13th 2017

On this page you will find all the answers to LA Times Crossword of August 13th 2017.

August 13th 2017 Answers

Clue Answer
Make out NECK
Barley brew ALE
Swedish cinematographer Nykvist SVEN
Candy mogul Harry REESE
Brazilian berry ACAI
Subject for a bar discussion LAW
Pew's place NAVE
Certain Ukrainian ODESSAN
Chant by lumberyard workers during a lockout? LONGTIMENOSAW
Brunch cocktails MIMOSAS
Scene of sworn statements ALTAR
Finish second PLACE
Gothic architecture feature GABLE
You can dig it ORE
Chop off LOP
"Be __": "Help me out here" APAL
Like real estate moguls ACRED
Hit hard SMITE
Citi Field shortstop or second baseman? METINTHEMIDDLE
WWII org. that froze food costs OPA
Ring spot, maybe TUB
Old Nair competitor NEET
"Manhattan" Oscar nominee Hemingway MARIEL
Hound NAG
Anti: Abbr. OPP
Adversaries FOES
Advisories ALERTS
Beverage with a lizard logo SOBE
Moore of "G.I. Jane" DEMI
Oft-quoted auth.? ANON
Fall lead-in PRAT
Canadian capital? CEE
Bunch of cattle reading menus? DROVEINRESTAURANT
Lith., once SSR
To be, in Tours ETRE
It may be raised at a party CAIN
Accustomed (to) INURED
Jack of "Rio Lobo" ELAM
Narcissus' love SELF
One evoking yawns on an Alaskan island? KODIAKBORE
Chinese temple PAGODA
Bring down RUIN
Flue residue ASH
Church kitchen server URN
British submachine gun STEN
ER personnel RNS
Crib sheet user TOT
Help when it's time to give up? LENTASSISTANCE
Hidden INNER
Sarducci in early "SNL" skits GUIDO
Pastoral plaints BAAS
Iowa campus COE
Entrepreneur's deg. MBA
Like Cheerios OATEN
Pays to play ANTES
"Transcendental" Liszt piece ETUDE
Place with care ARRANGE
Provide with surfacing material, as a pool parlor? GETTHEFELTFOR
Fountain treats SUNDAES
Sheltered at sea ALEE
Baseball rally killers, briefly DPS
Hang loosely LOLL
Counter seat STOOL
Lays down the lawn SODS
'60s radical gp. SDS
Direction in Durango ESTE
"The Lion King" lion NALA
Earth Day subj. ECOL
Prominent angle CANT
Capital of Rwanda KIGALI
Ring master? ALI
Spot for a bulb LAMP
Young female sheep EWELAMB
Vehicle with caterpillar treads SNOCAT
Healing aid patented in 1872 VASELINE
Actress Mendes EVA
Historic London prison NEWGATE
Like some summer school classes REMEDIAL
Spaniard's "that" ESO
"Happy Motoring" company ESSO
Moselle tributary SAAR
Bay State motto opener ENSE
Old card game named for the Spanish for "man" OMBRE
Horse race pace TROT
Where small animals may be picked up NAPE
Eight, in Essen ACHT
Hall of Fame pitcher Warren SPAHN
Puff, notably MAGICDRAGON
Capone nemesis NESS
1856 Stowe novel DRED
"I can help" LETME
Dinsmore of kid lit ELSIE
First word of "The Raven" ONCE
"Buffy" airer after The WB UPN
Rock band known for quirky, viral videos OKGO
Aromatic herb FENNEL
Carbon monoxide's lack ODOR
Wheels CAR
Laissez-__ FAIRE
Alternative OPTION
Stigmatize BRAND
Evian, e.g. EAU
Japanese computer giant NEC
Period of the first dinosaurs TRIASSIC
Sci-fi staples ETS
Storytelling pseudonym SAKI
Pharaoh's symbol ANKH
Essence NUB
Flower part SEPAL
English glam rockers since the '70s SLADE
Diamond flaw ERROR
Bad impression? DENT
Alpes sight MONT
Guitar line FRET
"At Seventeen" singer Janis IAN
With sustained force UNABATED
Pro or con SIDE
1992 presidential also-ran Paul TSONGAS
Tends to a lawn's bare spot RESEEDS
Positions SITES
1598 edict city NANTES
Like the Pope: Abbr. CATH
Carol NOEL
Irritate NETTLE
Come together MASS
Champagne designation BRUT
New Yorker cartoonist Peter ARNO
Bay Area cop gp. SFPD
Roswell sightings UFOS
Chowderhead DOLT
Agatha contemporary ERLE
Big deal ADO
"Eldorado" rock gp. ELO
Double curve ESS


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