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LA Times Crossword Answers, August 6th 2017

On this page you will find all the answers to LA Times Crossword of August 6th 2017.

August 6th 2017 Answers

Clue Answer
Einstein equation word MASS
Urges to attack, with "on" SICS
They may be tied around saddle horns RIATAS
Lhasa __ APSO
Start of a plan IDEA
Workplace regulator: Abbr. OSHA
Carpet installer's step one UNROLL
Surgeon general under Reagan KOOP
First name in game shows MERV
"__, SpaghettiOs!": Campbell's slogan UHOH
It may call for an R rating NUDITY
__ the finish INAT
"Me, blab to flatfish? No way!" INEVERTOLDASOLE
Memo starter ATTN
Spelling song YMCA
Hosp. area EMER
Relief, spelled out? ROLAIDS
Mumbai hrs. IST
NYSE valuation measure PERATIO
Oscar __ Renta DELA
Simile middle ASA
They often affect performance NERVES
"Take whichever one you want for your fish and chips"? PICKACODANYCOD
Glasses problem SMEAR
Nonsharing word MINE
Antioxidant food preservative BHT
Bus sign word VIA
Fish playing on keys? PIANOTUNA
French four-time Formula One champ Prost ALAIN
One in a black suit SPADE
Apprentices INTERNS
Mercury's Greek counterpart HERMES
Pool activity SWIM
Louis XIV, par exemple ROI
Fish on stage? PLATFORMEEL
Telepathy, e.g. ESP
Furtive graffiti guy KILROY
Reason for turning on closed captioning DIALECT
Property transfer documents DEEDS
Dark crime films NOIRS
"Stop imitating a pond fish"? DONTBEKOI
Class ILK
Boater, for one HAT
Decree FIAT
Bequeath LEAVE
Blue fish, maybe? EMOTIONALSHARK
Sights from the Gateway Arch BARGES
__ center REC
Petits __: garden peas POIS
Made more baskets than OUTSHOT
Food scrap ORT
Bar food? GRANOLA
Great Smokies st. TENN
Arles articles UNES
Persia, now IRAN
Fish duo's routine when something seems fishy? GOODCARPBADCARP
Arguing ATIT
__ Baker, subject of "Thirteen Reasons Why" HANNAH
Pull in EARN
Stagger REEL
Fender problem DENT
Honest with TRUETO
Rte. 66 state ARIZ
Pakistani language URDU
June 6, 1944 DDAY
Talks back to SASSES
Monument Valley feature MESA
Tree hugger MOSS
"La Bohème" soprano MIMI
Yemen's Gulf of __ ADEN
Dried-up SERE
Astute SAVVY
They may be anonymous SOURCES
Beatty/Hoffman flop ISHTAR
Half a tot's train? CHOO
Humorist Mort SAHL
Occupied INUSE
Passion ARDOR
Work hard TOIL
Like a dress back from the tailor ALTERED
Crafty SLY
Alphabetically first dog in the AKC's Working Group AKITA
Grand Prix, e.g. PONTIAC
Choose OPT
__ penguin EMPEROR
Flight maintenance word DEICE
Singer Morissette ALANIS
King Harald's father OLAV
Down SAD
Florida tribe SEMINOLE
Dissertation TREATISE
Could hear __ drop APIN
Weymouth of Talking Heads TINA
Serve a sentence DOTIME
Windmill part VANE
More competent ABLER
Third time, proverbially CHARM
Jabbers YAPS
Fabric from Iraq MUSLIN
Toll rd. TNPK
Ship-to-ship greetings AHOYS
"You __ bother" NEEDNT
Last Sunday, this Sunday AWEEKAGO
Credit card introduced by Sears DISCOVER
Least meaningful, as compliments EMPTIEST
Skirt feature SLIT
Big Island greetings ALOHAS
It can come before a sentence TRIAL
Defensive structures FORTS
Word processing menu EDIT
Dissipated ABLATED
Lustful look LEER
Easy to get into SLIPON
Scuttlebutt DIRT
Kentucky __, event before the Derby OAKS
__-Aid KOOL
Flora partner FAUNA
Work unit ERG
Deserved MERITED
Oval-shaped instrument OCARINA
__ Gorge, near Buffalo NIAGARA
Big shots HONCHOS
Windfall BONANZA
Arrogance HUBRIS
Stylish in dress NATTY
Gets buff, with "up" TONES
Online social arrangement EDATE
Rugby formation SCRUM
Burden ONUS
Reprimand, with "out" REAM
Prefix with dynamic AERO
Great American Ball Park team REDS
Math sign PLUS
Use a 112-Down ADD
Cleveland __, OH HTS


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