Thursday, August 17, 2017

LA Times Crossword Answers, August 18th 2017

On this page you will find all the answers to LA Times Crossword of August 18th 2017.

August 18th 2017 Answers

Clue Answer
Sound check item AMP
Went down SANK
Euripides tragedy MEDEA
__ cross TAU
Skewer relative PRONG
Hipbone-related ILIAC
Woofer's output? ARF
Even less given to emotion ICIER
Quantum of solace? SOFTC
Leave in disarray, probably RIFLE
Copier room quantity REAM
"Taking that as a given ... " IFSO
Comfortable (with) ATEASE
Indisposed ILL
Dawn goddess EOS
Bread component CARB
Toy used on flights SLINKY
Rural road track RUT
Disney character who sings, "The cold never bothered me anyway" ELSA
Go Fish request TENS
Turns red, maybe RUSTS
'90s-'00s sci-fi hit ... or what this puzzle's circles graphically depict THEXFILES
2006 demotion PLUTO
Heracles' beloved IOLE
Very little ADAB
Agent REP
1962 "Happy Birthday, Mr. President" singer MONROE
Fla. resort BOCA
Natural resource OIL
Physics unit ERG
Shut off completely, as lights KILLED
Trident-shaped letters PSIS
Order to Spot STAY
Sugar source BEETS
Civilian garb MUFTI
Pair in the score for Beethoven's Fifth OBOES
Dandy FOP
Partner of ciencias ARTES
Forward attitude NERVE
Pizzeria chain UNO
Stick dwellings NESTS
Holden Caulfield, for one TEEN
Court call LET
Visiting Pimlico ATARACE
__ counseling MARITAL
Blowfish PUFFERS
Furtive sorts SPIES
Golf chip path ARC
"The Big Sleep" genre NOIR
Walk-in joint? KNEE
Inaccurate introduction? MIS
Wells race ELOI
Suggests an alternative DIFFERS
Enjoys a buffet, usually EATSOUT
Engages with boldness ACCOSTS
Farm structure GRAINSILO
Company that survived Canada's Prohibition LABATT
Jan. honoree MLK
Tequila sunrise direction ESTE
Old plucked strings LYRE
Minuteman Statue city LEXINGTON
About to receive INFOR
Not to be wasted USABLE
Diamond plate HOME
Garlic relative LEEK
Stage employee PROPMAN
Down time LEISURE
Makes joyous UPLIFTS
Paint thinner solvent ACETONE
Dicey situation BADSPOT
Hosp. areas ORS
"An Enemy of the People" playwright IBSEN
Editor's afterthought STET
Act as lookout, say ABET
Time long past YORE
Orbiting research facility: Abbr. ISS
"Fairest of creation," in a Milton classic EVE


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