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LA Times Crossword Answers, December 3rd 2017

On this page you will find all the answers to LA Times Crossword of December 3rd 2017.

December 3rd 2017 Answers

Clue Answer
__ act CLASS
Graceful bird SWAN
Manhattan sch. CCNY
Baggage check requirement IDTAG
Primer sequence AEIOU
Trillionth: Pref. PICO
Surprised greeting OHHI
Actress Thomas MARLO
Screwballs in the hayloft? BARNFLAKES
Where crooks learn their trade? PERPSCHOOL
Enjoying a wilderness vacation, maybe ONSAFARI
Two-mile-high city LHASA
Caged, with "up" COOPED
Very long tooth TUSK
Pouch occupants JOEYS
Fronded tree PALM
Picasso, for one CUBIST
Med. prefix NEUR
Income statement write-offs BADDEBTS
Live-income filler ONONE
Cookie cooks? DISCBAKERS
Cosmonaut Gagarin YURI
Film-rating org. MPAA
Elec. instrument SYNTH
"Later" TATA
"The Simpsons" character Sideshow __ MEL
Faller of 2001 MIR
"Hmm ... don't think so" UHNO
Northumbrian monk, briefly STBEDE
__ facto IPSO
Slowish movement ANDANTE
Leafstalks PETIOLES
Interfere (with) MESS
Mickey and Jerry MICE
Strict diet restriction NOCARBS
Blacken SEAR
"... dark, __ the blaze of noon": Milton AMID
Prizes in a case TROPHIES
Feline named for an island MANXCAT
Sensible SANE
Tardy with LATEON
Team across the state from the Marlins RAYS
Artist Yoko ONO
Decked KOD
Zany Martha RAYE
They're heavier than foils EPEES
Villain named Julius DRNO
Russian city OREL
Dealt with unproductive mollusks? FIREDCLAMS
Easy putt TAPIN
Faithfulness FIDELITY
Showing skill ABLY
Order givers BOSSES
Ending with ortho- DOXY
Bar, at the bar ESTOP
Algebra, e.g. MATH
Rabbitlike rodent AGOUTI
Arctic temperature word BELOW
Inherited CAMEINTO
Restaurant reservation for fish? CARPSTABLE
Result of Uncle Sam frequenting Papa John's? PIZZABEARD
Link with TIETO
Banned for a rules infraction, informally DQED
Marginally ATAD
Kate's sitcom pal ALLIE
Above it all ALOOF
Old pol. divisions SSRS
Toon explorer DORA
Window insert GLASS
Mexican resort, familiarly CABO
Not fatty LEAN
Above-it-all attitude AIRS
Clementi composition SONATINA
Fill, as with light SUFFUSE
Lively quality SPARK
User-edited site WIKI
Top performer ACE
Pretty darn good NOSLOUCH
Patient share COPAY
Game with capturing CHESS
Dragsters' org. NHRA
Shelter sound YIP
Former name of Benin DAHOMEY
74-Across' stadium, casually, with "The" TROP
Burn soother ALOE
Top prize GOLD
Bottom position LAST
Rosemary, e.g. HERB
Celebratory procession PARADE
Run-on sentence's lack, probably COMMA
Remove, as a brooch UNPIN
Like surfers? BOARDMINDED
El __ NINO
Stimulating leaves BETELS
Group of body shop specialists? BUMPERCORPS
Long lock TRESS
Storage cylinders SILOS
10 micronewtons DYNE
Cookout fare on sticks KABOBS
"Fiddler on the Roof" village SHTETL
The Tar Heels of the NCAA UNC
Spray 'n Wash target STAIN
Much of Lamb's legacy ESSAYS
High-resolution film format IMAX
Help on the Hill AIDE
Character who uses "yam" as a verb POPEYE
Repeated ECHOED
__ public NOTARY
USN rank ENS
Require from ASKOF
Like about 15% of New Zealanders MAORI
It's unlikely RARITY
Fannie __: securities MAES
Musical in which FDR is a character ANNIE
58-Down et al. TOONS
__ Martin Cognac REMY
Skateboarder's protection ELBOWPAD
Crab's sensor PALP
Hammett who created Nick and Nora DASHIELL
Was a factor in LEDUPTO
Handy "Mr." FIXIT
Roman statesman CATO
Reward for a donation, maybe TOTEBAG
Beaucoup LOTSOF
Perennial NCAA football powerhouse BAMA
Conger catcher EELER
Snow-covered hill sights SLEDS
"Zoom-Zoom" sloganeer MAZDA
Official records ACTA
Windy-sounding woman's name GAIL
Sandwich cookie OREO
Some fam. meals BBQS
Mogul CZAR
Simba's mate NALA
Speaker of Cooperstown TRIS
Poems of honor ODES
Spots on the tube ADS
Midori on the ice ITO


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