Wednesday, December 27, 2017

LA Times Crossword Answers, December 28th 2017

On this page you will find all the answers to LA Times Crossword of December 28th 2017.

December 28th 2017 Answers

Clue Answer
Sugar amt. TBSP
Swimmer's regimen LAPS
Margaret Atwood's "__ Grace" ALIAS
Cosmetic additive ALOE
Alternatively ELSE
Small drum or large antelope BONGO
Author Gertrude's Irish friend? PALOSTEIN
Prepared to tackle RANAT
Foul odor STENCH
Liquid-Plumr rival DRANO
Brewer's kiln OAST
Black Sea port ODESSA
Like some time-release pills CAPSULAR
Old Toyota subcompact TERCEL
"Don't interrupt!" studio sign ONAIR
Inflexibility RIGOR
Head lines, for short? EEG
Fail to attend SKIP
Checkout choice PAPER
Latin word on a cornerstone ANNO
Road goo TAR
Church law CANON
Buzzing ASTIR
Pleasant emanations AROMAS
Antipathy DISTASTE
Air traffic control devices RADARS
Assist, as a theater patron SEAT
Puts a dent in one's gas mileage IDLES
Herbal cough drop brand RICOLA
Carved piece of jewelry CAMEO
Irish physician? MANOCURES
Alaskan native ALEUT
Straddling UPON
"Let me know if you're coming" letters RSVP
Mud nest builders WASPS
Dinner summons at the manor house GONG
Young fellows BOYS
Melody from a bugler TAPS
Sour note from a bugler BLAT
Dover flatfish SOLE
Menial employee PEON
Quite destructive LETHAL
Bass, e.g. ALE
Pressure meas. PSI
Dispatch SEND
Carpenter's rasp, for one ABRADER
Dealership vehicle LOANER
Irish hotel that offers perfumed pillows? INNOSCENTS
Turkish title AGA
Tosspot SOT
Search far and wide SCOUR
Common pump part ROTOR
Wrap for leftovers SARAN
Photography gear TRIPODS
"Already caught that movie" SEENIT
1990s veep ALGORE
Share the marquee COSTAR
Capital ESE of Istanbul ANKARA
Change tossed into an Irish busker's hat? PAIRODIMES
Sample some soup SIP
"Arabian Nights" spirit GENIE
Behind the times PASSE
Actor Butterfield of "Ender's Game" ASA
Where lemons may be sold CARLOTS
Cobwebby place ATTIC
Fictionalized MADEUP
Polynesian garment SARONG
Self-righteous SMUG
HBO's "__ Your Enthusiasm" CURB
Guesstimate phrase ORSO
Nile serpents ASPS
Cornfield sound CAW
Menu phrase ALA
Mil. mail drop APO
Haitian negative NON


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