Thursday, December 28, 2017

LA Times Crossword Answers, December 29th 2017

On this page you will find all the answers to LA Times Crossword of December 29th 2017.

December 29th 2017 Answers

Clue Answer
Ovation fraction CLAP
Overstress, with "on" HARP
"Hungarian Rhapsodies" composer LISZT
Shout YELL
Notion IDEA
Let down, as hair UNPIN
Silents star Naldi NITA
Text for a mailroom theater production? POSTSCRIPT
Much Byzantine art ICONS
Put on HIRED
Statue of a theater troupe? CASTINSTONE
CPR provider EMT
Upside-down forest hangers SLOTHS
Scottish landscape feature BRAE
"... __ saw Elba" EREI
Shellfish order PRAWNS
World leader in the theater? ACTINGPRESIDENT
Literary family name BRONTE
Ottoman officials DEYS
Large inlet BAY
Shipping hazard BERG
Shepherds' charges FLOCKS
Brief belief ISM
Squawker in a theater performance? PLAYCHICKEN
Taters SPUDS
Consolation beginning and ending THERE
Theater backdrop for a biography of Noah? FLOODSTAGE
Auto club recommendations INNS
Clear of mist DEFOG
Measure of skills EXAM
Part of CBS: Abbr. SYST
Prepare beans, Mexican-style REFRY
Nonpayment consequence REPO
Yoga needs MATS
Pessimist CYNIC
German camera LEICA
Choir parts ALTOS
Photosynthesis users PLANTS
Trendy HIP
Stir ADO
Hi-__ image RES
Compassion-evoking quality PATHOS
It may be filthy LUCRE
As to INRE
Catcher of small prey SPIDERWEB
Close, as a parka ZIP
Explosive letters TNT
Reason for regret SIN
Like the last letter in a column? SILENT
Norway, in Norway NORGE
Dance part STEP
Adverb after a second contract item THIRDLY
Food for the wandering Israelites MANNA
Irritable TESTY
Serious, as an injury BAD
Jewish teacher RABBI
Farm parts ACRES
Departs in anger STORMSOFF
"Fooled you!" PSYCH
Take a chance RISKIT
Having one sharp ING
Anti-discrimination agcy. EEOC
Like the tortoise in the fable, ultimately FASTER
Religious division SCHISM
Rotund PUDGY
Mormons, initially LDS
African nation on the Indian Ocean KENYA
Surrealist Max ERNST
Forest homes NESTS
Needy POOR
HST predecessor FDR
"Fever" singer Peggy LEE
Hatchet AXE
Space GAP
Punk rock offshoot EMO


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