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LA Times Crossword Answers, December 4th 2017

On this page you will find all the answers to LA Times Crossword of December 4th 2017.

December 4th 2017 Answers

Clue Answer
Knight's "shining" protection ARMOR
Elegant POSH
WWII servicewomen WACS
Car body style COUPE
Mennen shaving lotion AFTA
Get one's ducks in __ AROW
Devotee of singer Gloria ESTEFANFAN
Heavy book TOME
Buck or doe DEER
Beluga yield ROE
Viewed to be DEEMED
Precise price ACCURATERATE
Mineral springs SPA
Believer's suffix IST
Five-time Wimbledon champ Bjorn BORG
Portion out ALLOT
"Westworld" network HBO
Bon Ami alternative AJAX
Mata Hari story, e.g. FEMMEFATALETALE
Simplicity EASE
The "I" in TGIF ITS
Family car SEDAN
Disney's "__ & Stitch" LILO
Above-the-street trains ELS
Chapter in history ERA
Garden purchase from a Lowe's rival HOMEDEPOTPOT
Truck capacity ONETON
Coffee order: Abbr. REG
Image to click on ICON
Gadget's rank: Abbr. INSP
According to the U.S. Census Bureau, it's 63 for retirement AVERAGEAGE
Slugger Sammy SOSA
Earth orbiter MOON
Wafer brand NILLA
Jacob or Esau TWIN
Choice word ELSE
Not reached, as a goal UNMET
Scored 100 on ACED
Went up ROSE
Sound-off button MUTE
Wagner work OPERA
Striped-shirt wearer REF
Happen as expected PANOUT
Buyer's proposal OFFER
Hammer or screwdriver HANDTOOL
Nixon Era scandal WATERGATE
Pleasing smell AROMA
Tailed celestial body COMET
31-Across, by birth SWEDE
Rainbow shapes ARCS
Poetic "always" EER
Credit in a footnote CITE
"Dancing Queen" group ABBA
Place for valuables SAFE
Not guilty, for one PLEA
Gift for the poor ALMS
Skillet for folded egg dishes OMELETPAN
Growth chart nos. HTS
Green stone JADE
Banned apple spray ALAR
TV warrior princess XENA
It's often followed by .pdf FILENAME
On the summit of ATOP
Old U.S. gas brand ESSO
Swearing-in words IDO
Timeless, in verse ETERNE
Women's links gp. LPGA
Lift up HOIST
Televised as we speak ONNOW
Soccer great Lionel MESSI
Black-and-white cookies OREOS
Marketing gimmick TIEIN
Period "before the storm" CALM
Look at lasciviously OGLE
Without ice, at the bar NEAT
TV loud-soft control: Abbr. VOL
Bearded antelope GNU


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