Monday, September 11, 2017

LA Times Crossword Answers, September 12th 2017

On this page you will find all the answers to LA Times Crossword of September 12th 2017.

September 12th 2017 Answers

Clue Answer
Attack vigorously ASSAIL
Insurance company's concern RISK
"Now I get it!" AHA
Dry-eyes solution SALINE
__ Picchu MACHU
Female GI in WWII WAC
With 61-Across, dubious tabloid image UNIDENTIFIED
Curved line ARC
'50s president, initially DDE
20-Across nickname IKE
The Congo, formerly ZAIRE
Tycoon Onassis ARI
Call to a police hotline, possibly ANONYMOUSTIP
Hits the tarmac LANDS
Very long time EON
Attention-getting whisper PSST
Elect to office VOTEIN
Spouse MATE
1972 chart-topper for the band America AHORSEWITHNONAME
Storyteller __ Christian Andersen HANS
Key of Beethoven's Ninth Symphony DMINOR
Relaxing venues SPAS
Train cos. RRS
Likely will, after "is" APTTO
Emmy-winning travel and cuisine show hosted by Anthony Bourdain PARTSUNKNOWN
Canon SLR camera EOS
Get the better of OUTDO
"If you ask me," briefly IMO
Like this crossword ans. ACR
Hole in __ ONE
ATM maker NCR
Poke fun at TEASE
Thingamabob DOODAD
Bashful SHY
Sleep in a tent, say CAMP
Dries out, with "up" SOBERS
Sch. with a Tempe campus ASU
She plays Dr. Cristina Yang in "Grey's Anatomy" SANDRAOH
Stirred up a cloud of dust at, as a base SLIDINTO
Staff helper AIDE
Suffix with hero INE
Bolshevik leader LENIN
Battle of Britain fliers: Abbr. RAF
Here, to Henri ICI
Female pronoun SHE
Invasive Japanese vine KUDZU
Anticipates AWAITS
Poll founder Louis HARRIS
Receive willingly ACCEPT
Personal bearing MIEN
Ring ref's decision TKO
Snake that bit Cleopatra ASP
Thomas __ Edison ALVA
Tag sale words ASIS
Irish poet YEATS
Cloth-eating insect MOTH
Upright ONEND
German article DER
Jacket style named for an Indian leader NEHRU
Capital of Belarus MINSK
Say "Watch it" to WARN
Arabian Sea nation OMAN
Little bite NIP
Go before ANTECEDE
Auto, to a Brit MOTORCAR
Love god EROS
Cereal utensils SPOONS
Beer gut PAUNCH
Blood carrier ARTERY
Criterion: Abbr. STD
The third letter of 13-Down (but not the second) SOFTC
Work starting hour NINE
Texter's "Crikey!" OMG
Forest WOODS
"This is __ for Superman!" AJOB
Grassy expanse LEA
Candied veggie YAM
Web access co. ISP
Scarer's shout BOO
NFL scores TDS


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