Friday, September 8, 2017

LA Times Crossword Answers, September 9th 2017

On this page you will find all the answers to LA Times Crossword of September 9th 2017.

September 9th 2017 Answers

Clue Answer
End with force STAMPON
Percussion instrument TIMPANI
Contemporary of Plácido LUCIANO
Went deep HOMERED
Agitated INASTEW
Like the flame at Graceland ETERNAL
Singing voice, informally PIPES
Workout spot YMCA
Quick-footed SPRY
"I'm amazed!" OOH
Springfield bar MOES
Traditional March 14 servings PIES
Venus, when appearing as the morning star LUCIFER
Paradise in "On the Road" SAL
Minor employment needs, in some places WORKPERMITS
Longtime NBC hit SNL
Blow away AWE
Pittsburgh's __ Park PNC
Thanksgiving, e.g.: Abbr. THU
Helpful program for frequent fliers TSAPRECHECK
Give under pressure SAG
Joan of Arc, for one HEROINE
Fill up SATE
Close buds BROS
Hardly fresh OLD
Father's ceremony MASS
The first "A" in A.A. Milne ALAN
Great Plains st. OKLA
Maestro Doráti ANTAL
Trattoria staple RAVIOLI
Theater originally lit with oil lamps LASCALA
Enter covertly CREEPIN
Self-gratifying pursuit EGOTRIP
Picking up SENSING
Law groups SENATES
Space for a ship SLIP
They started the Arab Spring TUNISIANS
Like Pentatonix performances ACAPPELLA
Unlikely GoFundMe supporters MISERS
One taking a fall PATSY
Table for __ ONE
Dancers seen in strips? THECHIPPENDALES
Little bit IOTA
Fr. title MME
Jack's links rival ARNIE
Almost reaches NEARS
Like some chatter IDLE
Ridicule MOCK
Pharmaceutical giant MERCK
Whisper from a cheater, maybe PSST
Decrease LOWER
Place for the undecided? FENCE
Hawked stuff WARES
"Good first step" ITSASTART
"Not true!" THATSALIE
Knight who co-founded Death Row Records SUGE
Impostors PHONIES
Barrier for Sisyphus HILL
Safe havens SANCTA
Play loudly BLARE
"Ungainly fowl" of poetry RAVEN
__ jar MASON
Lob paths ARCS
Lena of "The Unbearable Lightness of Being" OLIN
Napkin holders? LAPS
Coty subsidiary that makes nail polish OPI
Brandy statistic AGE


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