Thursday, September 14, 2017

LA Times Crossword Answers, September 15th 2017

On this page you will find all the answers to LA Times Crossword of September 15th 2017.

September 15th 2017 Answers

Clue Answer
Alan of "Tower Heist" ALDA
Partridge family tree? PEAR
Eliot's Bede ADAM
He shared the AP Driver of the Century award with Andretti FOYT
Consumed EATEN
Con __: tempo marking MOTO
Museum figure BUST
Chat at the supermarket checkout? GROCERYGAB
Bigelow offering TEA
"Utopia" author MORE
Request on "ER" MRI
Marsh bird with uncontrollable urges? COMPULSIVERAIL
Oldest Japanese beer brand SAPPORO
Discounted by LESS
Cut out OMIT
Trivial amount SOU
__ science EARTH
Paella veggie PEA
Way into Wayne Manor? BATKEYS
"Eureka!" AHA
Legendary first name in skating SONJA
Northwest Passage explorer RAE
Cinco times dos DIEZ
Noodle bar order UDON
Work of a major opera house villain? EVILFROMTHEMET
Animal house DEN
Pertaining to INRE
SHO-owned cinematic channel TMC
Attract ... or, as three words, sequence change with a hint about 18-, 24-, 38- and 51-Across DRAWTOWARD
Not at all tough EASY
Skye, for one ISLE
Card worth a fortune? TAROT
Stir up RILE
Slender swimmers EELS
Sweet tubers YAMS
Winter coat SNOW
Laughlin in Tex., e.g. AFB
He often batted after Babe LOU
Like "The Hunger Games" society DYSTOPIAN
Wood fastener PEG
Ringing organ? EAR
Physics class topic ATOMS
Youngest of the "Little Women" AMY
Article of faith DOGMA
Arcade giant ATARI
Exxon follower? MOBIL
Giant in little candy REESES
GI's address APO
Typical Hitchcock role CAMEO
Celestial bear URSA
Take from a job LOOT
Johannesburg's land: Abbr. RSA
Finishes (up) the gravy SOPS
Former SSR UKR
Go ballistic RAISECAIN
Taking something badly? THEFT
Unclear HAZY
Mismatch BADFIT
__ Coast EAST
Repeated word in the Beatles' "She Loves You" YEAH
National Ice Cream mo. JUL
Aids for romantic evenings DIMMERS
Hedger's last words ORNOT
42-Across' homeland NORWAY
Vietnamese holiday TET
__ Bauer EDDIE
Part of a song VERSE
Collectively INALL
Anne of comedy MEARA
Director Craven WES
Danube Delta country: Abbr. ROM
Drying-out hurdle DTS
__-mo replay SLO
Taxus shrub YEW


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