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LA Times Crossword Answers, September 17th 2017

On this page you will find all the answers to LA Times Crossword of September 17th 2017.

September 17th 2017 Answers

Clue Answer
Grand-scale poetry EPOS
Corrosive stuff ACID
Mariner org. NASA
Like an eddy ASWIRL
An 80-footer is a long one PUTT
Square to look through PANE
Got on in years AGED
Old propeller site BEANIE
*Filled pastry CREAMPUFF
Commend CITE
"And God Created Woman" (1956) star BARDOT
Done, for Donne OER
Afterthought preceder ALSO
*Protective sports gear SHOULDERPADS
Had a sample TRIEDIT
Wickiup, e.g. HUT
Name of 12 popes PIUS
Most common draw in Scrabble ANE
Hanukkah toy DREIDEL
Pope output POEM
Intolerant type BIGOT
*Prop in an iconic "Psycho" scene SHOWERCURTAIN
Janvier, across the Pyrenees ENERO
Old TV knob HOR
Gather in bundles SHEAVE
Quick-getaway auditorium seat site LASTROW
Bygone OLDEN
Actor Cage, in tabloids NIC
CBS golf analyst Baker-Finch IAN
Recited confidently REELEDOFF
Earthquake prefix SEISMO
Wise guy SAGE
*Ragtime dance TURKEYTROT
*Flower named for a legendary beast SNAPDRAGON
__ facto IPSO
Military camps ETAPES
Farthest from the action, as arena seats NOSEBLEED
Hogwash ROT
Photog's item NEG
Henri's health SANTE
Dentist's find ABSCESS
Fusion, for one ECOCAR
Rap music article THA
Westernmost African capital DAKAR
*Contents of an abandoned one may be sold at auction STORAGELOCKER
Ukrainian port, to locals ODESA
Bowser's brand IAMS
Astound AWE
Hammett hound ASTA
Soaked WET
DNA component ADENINE
*What will fix misteaks? SPELLCHECKER
Cry to Silver HIYO
Crime boss DON
Commotion UPROAR
Comparable AKIN
It ushers in lower temperatures ... and what the answers to starred clues can have COLDFRONT
Dispatch SEND
Bailiwick AREA
Ray, for one ALER
Hopper and Gabler HEDDAS
Nervous EDGY
Italian noble family ESTE
Spaceship Earth site EPCOT
More refined PURER
Ferrell's "SNL" cheerleading partner OTERI
Penn, e.g.: Abbr. STA
Corrosive substances CAUSTICS
Hi-__ DEF
Morgen's opposite NACHT
Currency exchange fee AGIO
Ross Sea penguin ADELIE
French clerics ABBES
Scorch SEAR
*2017 Broadway musical based on the rivalry between Elizabeth Arden and Helena Rubinstein WARPAINT
Former Spanish Sahara territory that is neither a river nor has any gold RIODEORO
Tennis calls LETS
Sierra __ MADRE
Ottoman bigwig SULTAN
Doo-wop syllable DUM
Uncle of Prince Wm. EDW
"Take it" HERE
"Well, that's obvious" DUH
Game equipment PIECES
Wanna-__: poseurs BES
Pull TOW
Hip sound? SHORTI
Stay out of sight HOLEUP
Waiters take them ORDERS
"We Try Harder" company AVIS
Reading lights LAMPS
Battery pole ANODE
Nevada city on I-80 ELKO
Born NEE
Golfer Aoki ISAO
Salon specialists DYERS
Four Holy Roman emperors OTTOS
Campus house, maybe FRAT
Clotheshorse FOP
Quaint lodging INN
Casa room SALA
Tommy Lee Jones' "Men in Black" role AGENTK
"Faust" author GOETHE
Win the love of ENDEAR
Beliefs TENETS
NFL ball carriers RBS
Spanish wine descriptor SECO
More unpleasant, as details GORIER
Stink ADO
Troublemaker BADAPPLE
Like kebabs SKEWERED
*Lawyer's backlog CASELOAD
Stat for Aroldis Chapman ERA
Govt. prosecutors AGS
Mall tenant RETAILER
Walloped SMACKED
Singer Billie Holiday's nickname LADYDAY
__ a kind ONEOF
Moving supply: Abbr. CTN
Book end? ISH
Military command ATEASE
Plot makeup ACRES
Playwright Wasserstein WENDY
Stars watched by many IDOLS
Good-sized chamber group NONET
Between, in Brest ENTRE
Quite SUCH
Spewed magma LAVA
Double-decker game piece KING
Bar mitzvah dance HORA
Fire CAN
Actress Charlotte RAE


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