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LA Times Crossword Answers, September 18th 2017

On this page you will find all the answers to LA Times Crossword of September 18th 2017.

September 18th 2017 Answers

Clue Answer
British bloke CHAP
Title for a fictional fox BRER
Pancake syrup tree MAPLE
Prefix for "six" HEXA
Coleridge's "The __ of the Ancient Mariner" RIME
Partners of pains ACHES
Many Manet works OILS
Like a grand-scale fail EPIC
__ Islander: small-state resident RHODE
Earnings before the government's cut PRETAXPROFITS
End in __: come out even ATIE
French street RUE
Cops' orgs. PDS
Fave pal, in 67-Across BFF
German pastry STRUDEL
Question as to technique HOW
New Haven collegian YALIE
Cribbage piece PEG
Gossip columnist Barrett RONA
Words on a "No Trespassing" sign PRIVATEPROPERTY
Rockers' sound machines AMPS
Speck in la mer ILE
Coloring cosmetic ROUGE
Chessmen and board, e.g. SET
Squeaky clean, as hospital supplies STERILE
Alternative to grass seed SOD
"No seats" initials SRO
Big __: trademark burger MAC
Invention that revolutionized book production PRINTINGPRESS
First appearance DEBUT
Promises at the altar IDOS
__ Hari MATA
Smidge SKOSH
"Me neither" NORI
Getting people out of harm's way, for short EVAC
Cellphone messages TEXTS
Secluded valley GLEN
__ of the woods NECK
Lamb serving CHOP
Will beneficiary HEIR
Rod on which wheels turn AXLE
Rotini or rigatoni PASTA
Secession approved in a 2016 U.K. referendum BREXIT
Jack the __ RIPPER
Arab leader EMIR
Piccolo relative RECORDER
Actress Hemingway MARIEL
German eight ACHT
Element in matches PHOSPHORUS
Conducted LED
Language suffix ESE
On the Caribbean ATSEA
En __: on a hot streak, slangily FUEGO
"Stick around" DONTGO
Influenced SWAYED
Road that avoids the city center BYPASS
Crop raiser FARMER
Container with an attached cover FLIPTOPBOX
Michigan's __ Peninsula UPPER
Drips in a hosp. IVS
Classic roadster REO
Putting in office ELECTING
Surg. holding area PREOP
Workers with anvils SMITHS
Pay no mind IGNORE
Begins a computer session LOGSIN
Ad agency guys responsible for 20-, 38- and 54-Across? PRMEN
Oxidation damage RUST
Beloved star IDOL
Roof gutter locale EAVE
Like short, clipped notes, in mus. STAC
Burlap container SACK
Va. summer hours DST
__ out a living EKE


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