Wednesday, September 13, 2017

LA Times Crossword Answers, September 14th 2017

On this page you will find all the answers to LA Times Crossword of September 14th 2017.

September 14th 2017 Answers

Clue Answer
Superhero attire CAPE
Six-footers at parties SUBS
Parakeet quarters CAGES
"You can say that again!" AMEN
St. Paul's architect WREN
Important fruit in the Mediterranean diet OLIVE
Novelist Morrison TONI
Zaragoza's river EBRO
Harder to come by RARER
Place to mingle on the slopes? SINGLESTBAR
Legal deg. LLB
Big hand measurement: Abbr. MIN
Gobble (up) SNARF
Octet since 2006 PLANETS
Shakespearean call to arms ALARUM
Misplace a casual top? LOSEYOURTSHIRT
"I saw the opening __ of hell": "Moby-Dick" MAW
"Straight Outta Compton" role, familiarly DRE
Word with head or roll EGG
Take Rover to Ruth's Chris? GIVEADOGATBONE
Run things? ERRANDS
Doone of fiction LORNA
NBA tiebreakers OTS
Balderdash ROT
Dinosaur family drama? OEDIPUSTREX
Major mess SNAFU
Universal donor's type, briefly ONEG
Support person AIDE
One with a strict diet VEGAN
Boring BLAH
Pass the bouncer GOIN
Respond to a charge PLEAD
Hearing things EARS
Singer James ETTA
Subjects of many viral online videos CATS
Mine, in Marseille AMOI
The Quakers of the Ivy League PENN
Conundrums ENIGMAS
"American Gods" leprechaun Mad __ SWEENEY
Metro areas URBS
Muppet with a unibrow BERT
Elitists SNOBS
Western pens CORRALS
In the style of ALA
Robbie's daredevil father EVEL
Many a Montenegro resident SERB
One-fifth of a limerick LINE
Art school subj. ANAT
Cheering sound RAH
Hair piece PLAIT
Relatively safe, as electricity LOWVOLTAGE
Tidal peril during a storm SURGE
More than asks URGES
Board rm. session MTG
Bring up REAR
British racing cars MGS
Old name of Tokyo EDO
Bad way to run a ship AGROUND
Unit of force DYNE
Low-pressure systems TROUGHS
Cricket clubs BATS
Performing ONSTAGE
Southwestern brick ADOBE
Invitation letters RSVP
Scott Turow memoir ONEL
Getting pictures of the Hollywood sign, say INLA
Nectar flavor PEAR
Sidesplitter RIOT
Menu including Cut and Paste EDIT
"Hercules" character who got her own show XENA
Drone regulator: Abbr. FAA


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