Thursday, November 2, 2017

LA Times Crossword Answers, November 3rd 2017

On this page you will find all the answers to LA Times Crossword of November 3rd 2017.

November 3rd 2017 Answers

Clue Answer
Crusty formation SCAB
One in a farm array BALE
Truism AXIOM
Kappa preceder IOTA
Entry ITEM
Saint toppers NIMBI
Equine footwork GAIT
Glitz GLAM
Renewed one's energy, in a way ATE
Counseling for boomers' kids? GENXTHERAPY
Santa __: Sonoma County seat ROSA
Complimentary writers ODISTS
Sign on a film studio employee's door? GONESPLICING
Words of desire IWISH
Room at the hacienda SALA
Fast hit JAB
Gave for a while LENT
Some rank indicators BELTS
Corona product BEER
Disturbance ADO
"Write once, run anywhere" software JAVA
One with many mouths to feed? HYDRA
Altered clone of actor Richard? GEREMUTATION
French gambling game ECARTE
Molecular manipulation technique ... and a hint to the starts of the three other longest puzzle answers GENEEDITING
Sudden turn ZAG
Advantage EDGE
Bunches ALOT
Immune system component TCELL
Food preservative SALT
Cithara relative LYRE
Clear, in a way ERASE
"__ bien!" TRES
Word appearing twice in a Woody Guthrie title LAND
Synthetic polymer NYLON
Turner of "The Bad and the Beautiful" LANA
It's a turnoff EXIT
What's up at the deadline? TIME
Mushy lump GOB
"Yikes!" OMIGOSH
Traffic or turn follower SIGNAL
Influence with flattery COAX
Studying like crazy, say ATIT
Tub soothers BATHOILS
Interstate rumbler BIGRIG
Condemned Titan ATLAS
Jumped LEAPT
"Game of Thrones" accumulation EMMYS
Zener cards presumably tested for it ESP
"Show Boat" author Ferber EDNA
Take a load off REST
__ monster GILA
Was required to pay OWED
Yucatán youngster NINO
Sunni's religion ISLAM
Indoor __ CAT
Force user JEDI
NASA prefix AERO
Muffin option BRAN
Left nothing out BAREDALL
Big event lead-in EVE
Data measure BYTE
Ballet jump JETE
Do a surfing maneuver HANGTEN
Shakes hands with, say GREETS
Weigh station unit TON
Get rid of EGEST
Wood for grilling planks CEDAR
What "x" may be in trigonometry ANGLE
Former NHL winger Kovalchuk ILYA
Uncertain TORN
Gusto ZEAL
"Just one more thing ... " ALSO
Narrow valley GLEN
Sound of woe CRY


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