Wednesday, November 8, 2017

LA Times Crossword Answers, November 9th 2017

On this page you will find all the answers to LA Times Crossword of November 9th 2017.

November 9th 2017 Answers

Clue Answer
Animated film set partly in Insectopia ANTZ
By way of, to Burns THRO
Like many trees in winter BARE
Respond REACT
Approximately 2.2 lbs. KILO
West Point, e.g.: Abbr. ACAD
"Are you calling me __?" ALIAR
Currier's partner IVES
Moment-of-truth words THISISIT
Geological period EON
Track-and-field events SHOTPUTS
Bugs often caught COLDS
DOJ chiefs AGS
Cough syrup amt. TSP
Jessica Simpson's pop-singing sister ASHLEE
Extreme degree NTH
Cookie with a limited-edition Swedish Fish variety OREO
Went over the limit SPED
Hidden supply CACHE
Club charges DUES
Some twitches TICS
Nigerian native IBO
Not covering much SKIMPY
Calligraphy supply INK
Corvallis sch. OSU
Like either main face of El Capitan STEEP
Slightly embellished truth WHITELIE
Decay ROT
Energetic worker DYNAMO
Part of a proverbial secretive trio LAMPPOST
Jet engine sound ROAR
"The Wonder Years" mom NORMA
Old El Paso product TACO
Related AKIN
Move quickly SCOOT
Quickly, in memos ASAP
Alice's workplace MELS
New Year's Day word SYNE
Orch. section STRS
Taper off ABATE
Dipping chip NACHO
Conductor's job? TRAINCHECK
Last letters in Canada ZEDS
Recycling, composting, etc.? TRASHDECISIONS
Greek sun god HELIOS
"Nick of Time" singer RAITT
Andean tuber OCA
Moves merrily SKIPS
Couch potato's device TIVO
Brown bar orders ALES
Highly respected speakers maker BOSE
Livestock feed approximation? TROUGHESTIMATE
Cruise stop ISLE
NBA stats PTS
It may be beaten PATH
Bygone automaker OLDS
Tongue-in-cheek presidential tribute? TRUMPROAST
Barely flow SEEP
Bouquet POSY
Italian wine city ASTI
Public relations distortion SPIN
Mil. category NCO
"Garfield" dog ODIE
Touch on ABUT
Board and lodging KEEP
Electrical unit OHM
Hit hard, as the brakes SLAMON
Yells "Fore!" at WARNS
Junior Jetson ELROY
First name in bologna OSCAR
Features of some sports cars, and what this puzzle's four longest answers have in common TTOPS
Eighth of a fluid ounce DRAM
Oxen coupler YOKE
Carpentry fastener NAIL
Sch. support groups PTAS
Army training ctr. OCS


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