Monday, November 6, 2017

LA Times Crossword Answers, November 7th 2017

On this page you will find all the answers to LA Times Crossword of November 7th 2017.

November 7th 2017 Answers

Clue Answer
Like dorms for both men and women COED
Military sch. ACAD
Fall in folds DRAPE
Chomp BITE
Swimmer's path LANE
More cold and wet, weatherwise RAWER
Serb or Croat SLAV
"Liberal" pursuits ARTS
Can't stop loving ADORE
Three Stooges movie, e.g. SLAPSTICKFILM
Michigan or Mead LAKE
Update from a pilot, for short ETA
Induction cooktop alternative NATURALGASSTOVE
Double-reed woodwinds OBOES
"What did you say?" HUH
Key with one sharp: Abbr. EMIN
Light brown TAN
Driver's license test EYEEXAM
Post-OR area ICU
Three-pronged Greek letters PSIS
Buffet table coffee server URN
River mammal OTTER
Eisenhower's nickname IKE
Hip '60s Brits MODS
Eco-friendly request ... and a hint to sorting out the aptly circled letters PLEASERECYCLE
Vonnegut literary device IRONY
Enterprise captain born 3/22/2233 KIRK
Puts on TV AIRS
Low card DEUCE
Lawn border EDGE
Finger or toe part NAIL
Chose (to) OPTED
Evidence of ownership DEED
Community org. known by its first letter YMCA
"Kevin Can Wait" network CBS
Lubricates OILS
Bibliography list shortener: Abbr. ETAL
Reduce monetarily DEVALUE
Denali National Park state ALASKA
Price-fixing syndicate CARTEL
Against ANTI
Fam. tree member DESC
NFL player selection events DRAFTS
Give off RADIATE
GI on the run AWOL
Curly salon job PERM
Before, in verse ERE
Analyze grammatically PARSE
One-named "We R Who We R" singer KESHA
Offensive to some, for short NOTPC
Embarrass ABASH
"Pagliacci" clown TONIO
Treaty of __: War of 1812 ender GHENT
"La Cage __ Folles" AUX
Fails to include OMITS
Bad habits VICES
Accustom (to) ENURE
Winter holidays YULES
__ of Good Feelings ERA
In a funk MOODY
Bill Nye's field SCIENCE
Florence's region TUSCANY
Approved OKAYED
Come to light EMERGE
Made fun of MOCKED
Practice for the GMAT, e.g. PREP
Ill-mannered sort LOUT
Struggled to make, with "out" EKED
Taxi trip RIDE
Neeson of "Kinsey" LIAM
Idle of Monty Python ERIC
Wedding vow words IDO
Patty Hearst's abductors: Abbr. SLA


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