Friday, November 24, 2017

LA Times Crossword Answers, November 25th 2017

On this page you will find all the answers to LA Times Crossword of November 25th 2017.

November 25th 2017 Answers

Clue Answer
__ cord SPINAL
Considered, with "on" CHEWED
Leader of the track PACECAR
"To the end of the block! C'mon!" RACEME
Immediate slap shot after receiving a pass, in hockey ONETIMER
Biology notebook doodle AMOEBA
__ Mahal TAJ
Parsons School sketches DESIGNS
__ Kan: Alpo rival KAL
"A Jug of Wine ... " poet OMAR
Brought along TOOK
Plural contraction WERE
Desk accessories NAMEPLATES
Blue ghost in Pac-Man INKY
Recycling center debris GLASSSHARDS
Opposite of hastens SLOWS
Gets under control TAMES
"This doesn't concern you" STAYOUTOFIT
Order of encyclopedias ATOZ
Shaking one's head, maybe FRUSTRATED
Cook seen on TV specials DANE
Cut down FELL
Cover on the street PAVE
GI grub MRE
Like the most substantial sum TIDIEST
Social post PIC
Leaning to the right, in a way ITALIC
Cheese from the Italian for "sheep" PECORINO
Entertain lavishly REGALE
Strength POTENCY
Puts up ERECTS
Golfer's short irons WEDGES
100% correct SPOTON
Southernmost location in continental North America PANAMA
It may delay river traffic ICEJAM
Realize NET
"That's so weak!" LAME
Engine part often connected to a flywheel CRANKSHAFT
Stage embarrassments HAMS
Prefix with tourist ECO
Time off for many WEEKENDS
Boards a ship EMBARKS
Dallas plaza in 1963 headlines DEALEY
Lead-in to a promise RESTASSURED
Gets out of control RIOTS
Calls it a night GOESTOSLEEP
Do some window maintenance REGLAZE
Evidence-gathering device WIRETAP
Tactic PLOY
Some partners' workplaces LAWOFFICES
"The Kite Runner" boy AMIR
Pre-metalworking period STONEAGE
First course STARTER
Spring festival focus TULIP
Recording TAPING
Show clearly EVINCE
Red herrings, perhaps DECOYS
Arcade game ender TILT
Harbor hauler SCOW
Handy bag TOTE
"Hotel du __": Anita Brookner novel LAC
Light color RED


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