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LA Times Crossword Answers, November 26th 2017

On this page you will find all the answers to LA Times Crossword of November 26th 2017.

November 26th 2017 Answers

Clue Answer
Security gp. with wands TSA
They can print rcpts. with check images ATMS
__ Spumante ASTI
Minor league ice org. AHL
Asked too much PRIED
Chinchilla, e.g. RODENT
Give temporarily LOAN
Los Angeles athlete RAM
*Trademark on Sealy's home page POSTUREPEDIC
Lamb pen name ELIA
"Show me the evidence!" PROVEIT
Green Giant morsels PEAS
Some oral meds GELCAPS
Perfect places EDENS
Nearly 25% of a marathon TENK
Marvin Gaye's label TAMLA
Understand SEE
"We need to talk" AWORD
*Like the "Hunger Games" trilogy POSTAPOCALYPTIC
Chocolate __ cake LAVA
Oinker PIG
Is yet to be decided PENDS
Descartes' sum IAM
*1998 Bullock/Kidman film involving sorcery PRACTICALMAGIC
Make it necessary to decrypt ENCODE
Pepper typically hotter than a jalapeño SERRANO
Paddle OAR
Conestoga traveler WAGONER
Bars in aisles, briefly UPC
Good name for a funeral director? MORT
See 80-Down BEAR
"Ugh, I've heard enough" TMI
*Certain pie lover PIZZAHOLIC
*One might help find a lost animal PETPSYCHIC
"Law & Order: __" SVU
Walk with a pack HIKE
Brown rectangle? QUAD
"Ben-__" HUR
Outlook alternative AOLMAIL
Joe dispenser URN
Part-time player SEMIPRO
Most loyal TRUEST
*Checkout choice PAPERORPLASTIC
"Every kiss begins with __": jeweler's slogan KAY
Long swimmer EEL
Gauge on the dash TACH
*Furry, green baseball mascot PHILLIEPHANATIC
Toast opener HERES
Swanson on "Parks and Recreation" RON
Retract UNSAY
1-Across check SCAN
Bespectacled "Scooby-Doo" character VELMA
Downward dog surface YOGAMAT
Two-part tune DUET
Mechanics' jobs REPAIRS
Ends' partners ODDS
*Like a 107-Down PHOTOGRAPHIC
Came into GOT
End of a bed FOOT
Classic palindrome ending PANAMA
Tuscan hill city SIENA
"__ takers?" ANY
Acronymic anxiety about being excluded from the fun FOMO
Progress tracker METER
Team of players CAST
Veto NIX
Rain delay cover TARP
Some free downloads SHAREWARE
"Talk to Her" Oscar-winning screenwriter Pedro ALMODOVAR
Tack on APPEND
One below quatre TROIS
Ocean spray MIST
Chess player's pride SET
Lose cohesion BREAKAPART
"My bad" OOPS
Tribute in verse ODE
Alphabetiser's ending ZED
Guinness of "Star Wars" ALEC
Embarrassingly outdated SOLASTMONTH
Tamsui River capital TAIPEI
"Gimme one moment" INASEC
Protective lymphocyte TCELL
Pay for a pad RENT
City named by Cortés VERACRUZ
Placing, as bricks LAYING
Ancient wrap TOGA
Author Morrison TONI
Power couple? ACDC
Swiss high points ALPS
__ de gallo PICO
Board game piece PEG
Rabanne of fashion PACO
Go to bat (for) PINCHHIT
Spanish snack TAPA
Barracks officer, slangily LOOIE
Artist Chagall MARC
Another name for abalone EARSHELL
God head? DEMI
Benét or Bellinger of R&B ERIC
Hip-hop hitmaker Fetty __ WAP
"Letter from Birmingham Jail" initials MLK
Bingo relative BEANO
Airport screen no. ETD
H.S. exam PSAT
Novello for whom British music-writing awards are named IVOR
Former South African monarchy ZULUKINGDOM
Engine stuff OIL
Engine sound PURR
Arizona retirement city YUMA
Comedian Alonzo's self-named sitcom CRISTELA
TV drama partly set on a Louisiana farm QUEENSUGAR
Square serving? MEAL
What a script may be written on SPEC
Grouse family bird PTARMIGAN
Pilaf-like product RICEARONI
Publisher Adolph OCHS
With 57-Across, storied hot-porridge eater PAPA
School gp. PTA
Free __: carte blanche REIN
The Irons of soccer's Premier League WESTHAM
Remove with force PRYOFF
African American folk magic HOODOO
Like Candy Crush purchases INAPP
Taiwanese PC brand ACER
Lines at the door? TATAS
Jazz devotee HEPCAT
Blood lines VEINS
Regarding ASTO
Long-necked pampas bird RHEA
River of Hades STYX
First character in this clue ONE
Bit of body art TAT
Shot surrounding the answers to starred clues PIC


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