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LA Times Crossword Answers, November 19th 2017

On this page you will find all the answers to LA Times Crossword of November 19th 2017.

November 19th 2017 Answers

Clue Answer
With 22- and 126-Across, saying about the difficulty of dieting? AWAIST
1956 hot spot SUEZ
Healthful getaway SPA
Lodge STOW
Social classes CASTES
Trick joint? KNEE
Consequently THEN
Big name in spydom HARI
Part of Kurdistan is in it IRAN
Code word DAH
Bluesman Redding OTIS
Nada, across the Pyrenees RIEN
Grocery section AISLE
Mrs. Addams, to Gomez TISH
Deck (out) TOG
Like the most popular beaches SANDIEST
Proverb about creeps getting their just deserts? TIMEWOUNDSALLHEELS
World Heritage Site org. UNESCO
Surgeon's patient? TREE
__ Aviv TEL
Difficult position SPOT
Middle X or O TAC
"Things Fall Apart" novelist Chinua __ ACHEBE
Crisis of the middle ages? SAG
Flour may be made with it SOY
"__, Sing America": Langston Hughes poem ITOO
Prynne's stigma REDA
Street fleet CABS
Irregularly notched EROSE
Tidal extreme LOWWATER
Calf-roping loop NOOSE
Cartoon genre ANIME
Handles every objection? ANSWERSALLTHENOES
__-Roman wrestling GRECO
Like cornstalks EARED
Mercury astronaut Cooper, to friends GORDO
Website for techies CNET
Big celebration FEST
More than tickle SLAY
Troy, N.Y., tech school RPI
Lao Tzu's "way" TAO
You don't have to face the music to do it LISTEN
Cremona crowd? TRE
Lined up, with "in" AROW
IV league? RNS
Democratic donkey designer NAST
Tickled AMUSED
Fed up with a corporate VIP? BOREDOFTHECHAIRMAN
Comic book artist's supply INDIAINK
__ Friday's TGI
Winter cord WOOD
Plant life FLORA
"__ Nacht": German parting GUTE
Vintner's prefix OENO
Lingerie item BRA
Noble title LORD
Spars during dance music? PUNCHESTOTHEBEAT
Biblical brother ABEL
Principal ARCH
Whaler's direction THAR
Home to Napoli ITALIA
Like a yenta NOSY
"Not impressed" MEH
__-Coburg: former German duchy SAXE
See 1-Across TOMIND
Vinegary ACID
Attended WASAT
Japanese beer brand ASAHI
Shades-wearing TV cousin ITT
"Didn't I tell you?" SEE
Original Dungeons & Dragons co. TSR
Trail access aid SKITOW
Fish that can swim backwards EELS
What's at the heart of every calzone? ZEE
Reacted skittishly to SHIEDAT
"The Ice Storm" director Lee ANG
Islamic worshippers SHIITES
Experienced crew TARS
__ agreement ORAL
Press release? WINE
Dilutes THINS
Mechanically, after "by" ROTE
Business TRADE
Hearth residue ASH
Google Maps lines: Abbr. STS
Kool-Aid alternative HIC
Bygone blade SNEE
"Enchanted" girl in a 2004 film ELLA
Bygone bird MOA
Graffiti and such URBANART
Hydrated magnesium sulfate EPSOMSALTS
Eye affliction STYE
Payment made each mo. UTIL
Gp. joined by Montenegro in 2017 NATO
Environmental activist ECOWARRIOR
Canadian tribe CREE
German gentlemen HERREN
Italy's largest port GENOA
Ultra-aloof type COLDFISH
Nova Scotia hrs. AST
Strong request BEHEST
Cambodian currency RIELS
English race place ASCOT
Small partnership TWO
"Bravo!" OLE
RSA ruling party ANC
Ed.'s request SAE
Ferrara family name ESTE
Start playing for money GOPRO
Challenge DARE
Checked out EYED
Screen __ GRAB
Assemble, as a computer system CONFIGURE
Going rate? ESTATETAX
J.Lo's main squeeze AROD
Deficiency LACK
'60s hot spot NAM
In a strange way WEIRDLY
Firm in principle STAUNCH
"Buffalo Stance" singer Cherry NENEH
Big mouth MAW
A, in Acapulco UNO
Paternity suit evidence DNA
Brush aside IGNORE
Very funny one RIOT
Dagger-shaped editing marks OBELI
Exhaust DRAIN
Custard concoction FLAN
Western wolf LOBO
Mining haul ORES
Dept. of Labor arm OSHA
Hardly more than not at all ATAD
Nonstick cooking spray PAM
UFO crew, so it's said ETS
Big success HIT
WWII command ETO
Emeril catchword BAM


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