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LA Times Crossword Answers, April 15th 2018

On this page you will find all the answers to LA Times Crossword of April 15th 2018.

April 15th 2018 Answers

Clue Answer
High-fives, e.g. SLAPS
Big name in Champagne MUMM
Langston Hughes poem ITOO
Cinematic FX CGI
"The War of the Worlds" narrator of 1938 WELLES
Hum-dinger of an instrument? KAZOO
It's composed of balances DEBT
Crew member OAR
Coastal casino center ATLANTICCITY
Block-stocking building ICEHOUSE
Champagne word BRUT
Indian nurse AMAH
First name in architecture EERO
Out of concern that LEST
Noodle concoction? IDEA
Charlie Brown correspondent PENPAL
Lights into ASSAILS
It floods Florence periodically ARNO
Straightens up TIDIES
"We need a cat!" EEK
Costa __ RICA
Chinese and Vietnamese TONALLANGUAGES
Pretentious sort PSEUD
Poppycock HOOEY
Some decision makers TOSSES
Smartphone ancestor, briefly PDA
Cos. with Xings RRS
Source of stress, probably ONUS
Like this ans. ACR
St. Pete's place FLA
Goals AIMS
Hombre's hand MANO
Hotel evaluation system STARRATINGS
Terrible time? TWOS
Builder's need PLAN
"__ the fields we go ... " OER
Common Market letters EEC
Advanced, as old age RIPE
Tell RAT
Courses for coll. credit APS
Third-least populous state ALASKA
Staples Center player LAKER
Ladybug's lunch APHID
Three-dimensional arrangement of atoms inside a diamond, say CRYSTALLATTICE
Acidity-correcting fertilizer MARL
Asian honorific SRI
Watching closely EYEING
Biol. branch ECOL
Like a well-grounded argument TENABLE
Play the flute TOOTLE
Article seen daily NEWSPAPERREPORT
Lab vessel VIAL
Mystery writer Nevada __ BARR
Middle of a Latin trio AMAS
Wind worth a warning GALE
Regrets RUES
Website evaluation tool USERRESEARCH
Champagne word SEC
Long time follower? NOSEE
One getting smashed at a bash? PINATA
Tats INK
Nasdaq rival NYSE
Ladies of Sp. SRAS
Flippant SASSY
Q-tip SWAB
Speak without restraint LETRIP
Refer (to) ALLUDE
Typewriter roller PLATEN
Papier-__ MACHE
Action film weapon UZI
Sacred songs MOTETS
Journalist Bill inducted into the TV Hall of Fame in 1995 MOYERS
Private eye TEC
Washington Monument, for one OBELISK
Additional OTHER
Dior or Klein COUTURIER
Beetle juice? GAS
Boiling state IRE
Transit syst. component STA
Longtime TV broadcaster of 87-Across games KCAL
Well-shod Marcos IMELDA
Annual winter telecast, with "The" OSCARS
Coastline feature RIA
In a fitting way APTLY
__ belli: act of war CASUS
2016 W.S. losers to the Cubs CLE
Bring upon oneself INCUR
Contemptible sorts TOADS
Afflict AIL
I strain? EGO
__ McAn shoes THOM
The last Mrs. Chaplin OONA
It may be proper NOUN
Creator of many talking animals AESOP
To the extent that ASFARAS
Cabbage GELT
Morales of "The Brink" ESAI
Frying pan spray PAM
Scrolling unit PAGE
Frisbee, e.g. DISC
"Immediately!" ASAP
Forklift load: Abbr. CTNS
Classic Fender guitar, familiarly STRAT
Crowd sound ROAR
Count (on) RELY
Author Zora __ Hurston NEALE
Collaborative website WIKI
Crude gp.? OPEC
Bone-dry SERE
Chap LAD
Staple for a collegian on a tight budget RAMEN
On the double APACE
Exorbitant STEEP
Mary __ cosmetics KAY
No. 2 at the statehouse LTGOV
"You got that right!" ILLSAY
Film lover CINEASTE
Small amount LITTLE
"Is that __?" ANO
Carb-loaded STARCHY
Gym unit REP
Inlet or cove ARM
Some rechargeable shavers BRAUNS
One offering quarters LESSOR
Albania's capital TIRANA
Actresses Linney and Dern LAURAS
Gives a seat to ELECTS
Seafood serving PRAWN
Tough bosses to work for OGRES
Hard to come by RARE
Seer's claim ESP
Open carriage SHAY
Meas. checked after tire rotation PSI
Cariou of "Sweeney Todd" LEN
"__ the season ... " TIS
Pueblo pronoun ESA
Frozen Wasser EIS


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