Thursday, April 19, 2018

LA Times Crossword Answers, April 20th 2018

On this page you will find all the answers to LA Times Crossword of April 20th 2018.

April 20th 2018 Answers

Clue Answer
Place for a guard SHIN
American sports org. USOC
Walk or wind preceder CROSS
Suffix for the wealthy AIRE
Actor who's played a doctor and senator on TV ALDA
What captions can capture AUDIO
Pay homage, in a way KNEEL
Basil sauce PESTO
Teed off DROVE
__ Fridays TGI
Hideout LAIR
Like some sale quantities LIMITED
She played Mia in "Pulp Fiction" UMA
"I did it!" TADA
Prefix with thermal EXO
"Puss in Boots" baddie OGRE
Brown in a Croce title LEROY
Houston suburb named for initials from the Missouri-Kansas-Texas Railroad KATY
2018 Super Bowl designation LII
Compared with THAN
Tilling tool HOE
Buttercup family member ANEMONE
Beat at the buzzer EDGE
Benching units: Abbr. LBS
Big name in little trucks TONKA
Many a UAE resident EXPAT
Chain with a dog-and-cat logo PETCO
One way to drive ... and what the last word of each starred clue really means INREVERSE
Really dug ATEUP
Command to Rover COME
Mindless repetition ROTE
Gumbo server LADLE
Govt. branch EXEC
PR firm's forte SPIN
'90s-'00s NFL Pro Bowler Warren SAPP
Take on HIRE
Accts. funded annually, perhaps IRAS
Prickly plant NETTLE
Chi.-based flier UAL
Downhill excursion SLEDRIDE
Bleach feature ODOR
Rapeseed oil CANOLA
Baking convenience CAKEMIX
Winning streak RUN
2003 self-titled folk album ODETTA
Superman co-creator Jerry SIEGEL
Cones and cubes SOLIDS
Doomed, slangily TOAST
Resort near Cape Cod, with "the" VINEYARD
Napoli native ITALIANO
"It's just a scratch" IMOK
Outkast, for one DUO
Texter's "Shocking!" OMG
Damage MAR
Magna __ CARTA
I, O or U ELEM
"My goodness!" OHDEARME
Rarely served fish? AHI
Low digit TOE
Archery wood YEW
Uranium-238, e.g. ISOTOPE
Beersheba's locale NEGEV
Female bud GALPAL
Still being tested, as software INBETA
__ interest VESTED
"Mind your manners" BENICE
Irritations VEXERS
Polk's middle name KNOX
Support, with "up" PROP
Product of white Muscat grapes ASTI
New driver, usually TEEN
__-de-sac CUL
Continental trade gp. EEC


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