Wednesday, April 4, 2018

LA Times Crossword Answers, April 5th 2018

On this page you will find all the answers to LA Times Crossword of April 5th 2018.

April 5th 2018 Answers

Clue Answer
Farm unit BALE
"Uh, don't forget about me ... " AHEM
Selling point ASSET
Soon, quaintly ANON
Diamond corner BASE
Busch Gardens city TAMPA
USAF plane for small runways STOL
Word of proof? ERAT
Video game based on a film, e.g. TIEIN
Meal owed to President Clinton? REPASTDUEBILL
__ bran OAT
PC-to-PC system LAN
Employing echo in audio? REVERBUSAGE
River to the North Sea ELBE
"Blue Bloods" rank: Abbr. DET
Devotee ADORER
Northeast gubernatorial family name CUOMO
Paris café brew THE
African antelope ELAND
"__ Believer": Monkees hit IMA
__-bitty ITTY
Rules for righting wrongs? REDRESSCODE
WWII general DDE
Map abbr. RTE
Bun, for one HAIRDO
Mail about system improvements? REFORMLETTERS
Like gymnasts AGILE
Camping stuff GEAR
Every which way AMOK
Wash cycle RINSE
One-named supermodel EMME
Nutrition bar with a crescent moon in its logo LUNA
Like pet hamsters CAGED
Conciliatory gestures SOPS
North Sea feeder YSER
Southeastern Iraqi port BASRA
Dealer's requests ANTES
Circuitous routes LOOPS
Zhou of China ENLAI
Helped in a job, perhaps ABETTED
Difficult HARD
Biblical brother ESAU
Comet fragment, perhaps METEOR
State of mind ATTITUDE
Proceed easily (through) SAIL
Sense something's amiss SMELLARAT
Prefix with center EPI
"The Joy Luck Club" novelist TAN
Georgia, once: Abbr. SSR
Syrup-soaked cake BABA
Ticket __ AGENT
Dweebish NERDY
Pro with a tabletop scale VET
System of moral values ETHIC
Most piano sonatas SOLI product ECARD
Adjacent to BORDERING
Mideast potentate EMIR
Stuff at mealtime OVERFEED
My Chemical Romance genre EMO
__ perpetua: Idaho motto ESTO
Worsted fabrics SERGES
Consume EAT
Amalfi Coast country ITALY
Romulus' twin REMUS
Source of some overhead footage DRONE
Heroic Schindler OSKAR
"What __ could it be?" ELSE
Brief reminder MEMO
"__ Unto My Feet": longtime CBS religious program LAMP
Circle part ARC
Italian actress Scala GIA


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