Wednesday, April 18, 2018

LA Times Crossword Answers, April 19th 2018

On this page you will find all the answers to LA Times Crossword of April 19th 2018.

April 19th 2018 Answers

Clue Answer
Space station wear GSUITS
"Walk Like __": Four Seasons hit AMAN
Sharp-tack link ASA
Stage of intensity DEGREE
Pitch a fit RANT
Happened upon MET
*Look for a specific passage in, as a book PAGETHROUGH
It's near the midpoint of the Miss. River STL
Rap sheet data CRIMES
Place Sundance liked to see ETTA
"Gotcha!" PSYCH
*About 22% of an average 18-hole golf course PARTHREES
Every time ALWAYS
Salt formula NACL
Sprain application ICEBAG
*Point where it starts to hurt PAINTHRESHOLD
Watch creepily LEERAT
Corn syrup brand KARO
Chimney plumes SMOKE
Largest cat in the genus Leopardus OCELOT
*Like baklava layers PAPERTHIN
Change as needed ADAPT
Musical meter maid RITA
Exposes, in a way RATSON
Gender-neutral possessive ITS
Explorers ... and ones who can determine what the answers to starred clues have in common? PATHFINDERS
Numeric prefix TRI
Tête output IDEE
Canadian dollar coin LOONIE
Buddhist school ZEN
Give up CEDE
Con target STOOGE
Macroeconomics abbr. GDP
Bering, for one SEA
Footwear brand UGG
Wrath IRE
Easily peeved TETCHY
Very, to Schumann SEHR
Candle emanation AROMA
Catcher Joe with a trio of consecutive Gold Glove Awards (2008-10) MAUER
Fretful feeling ANGST
Indefinite ordinal NTH
Heineken brand AMSTEL
Parlor piece SETTEE
Finally ATLAST
Material flaw RIP
LPN workplaces ERS
__ for gold PAN
Open-handed hit SLAP
Fem. advocacy group YWCA
City WSW of Bogotá CALI
Expensive HIGH
Where it's at SITE
2008 biopic starring Benicio del Toro CHE
Blow it ERR
Arthur with two Emmys and a Tony BEA
Concerning ASTO
Met or Nat NLER
Signed off on OKED
Refrain syllables LALA
Stop talking about DROP
Legendary Giant OTT
Quick squirt SPRITZ
__ d'hôtel MAITRE
Decides to join OPTSIN
Mauna __ KEA
"All the Light We __ See": 2015 Pulitzer novel CANNOT
Woodworking, e.g. TRADE
Despised HATED
"With this ring, __ ... " ITHEE
Bad check letters NSF
Lubricates OILS
Photo PIC
__-wop DOO
Roxy Music co-founder ENO
Fix badly? RIG
Observe SEE


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