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LA Times Crossword Answers, April 16th 2018

On this page you will find all the answers to LA Times Crossword of April 16th 2018.

April 16th 2018 Answers

Clue Answer
Sounds showing revelation AHS
Actress Winger DEBRA
Beer, casually BREW
Speedy shark MAKO
Bars between wheels AXLES
Travel aimlessly ROVE
Angling method using hand-tied lures FLYFISHING
Bar orders ALES
City recaptured from ISIL by Iraq in 2017 MOSUL
Hunk of concrete SLAB
Tic-tac-toe diagram GRID
Memorization technique ROTE
One doing the Electric Slide, e.g. LINEDANCER
Brian of ambient music ENO
DDE's WWII command ETO
Renter's document LEASE
Stinging comment BARB
Complains CARPS
Like the Magi WISE
What the beverage cart blocks AISLE
Sellout letters SRO
Brit. pilots' squad RAF
Hamburger meat GROUNDBEEF
Beach or Backstreet follower, in music BOYS
At any point EVER
Subway charge FARE
Mark McGwire rival SAMMYSOSA
IHOP handouts MENUS
Furthermore ALSO
Beatles' Shea Stadium performance, e.g. POPCONCERT
Casino card game FARO
Steinbeck migrants OKIES
Jekyll's alter ego HYDE
Little League airer ESPN
Nervous TENSE
One of an inning's three, which can follow the first word of 17-, 29-, 47- and 63-Across OUT
Bedside toggle switch AMFM
Angel's overhead circle HALO
"The __ the limit!" SKYS
Prosecutors: Abbr. DAS
Prosecutor's first piece of evidence EXHIBITA
Russian pancake BLIN
Back out RENEGE
Home of primary 30-Down gods ASGARD
Fresh from the factory BRANDNEW
Part in a play ROLE
Nights before EVES
__ Virginia WEST
Down with the flu ILL
Yemeni money RIAL
Knighted Guinness ALEC
Pack again, as groceries REBAG
"We're live!" studio sign ONAIR
Human trunk TORSO
Like Odin and Thor NORSE
Egypt's capital CAIRO
Op-ed piece, say ESSAY
Often submerged shipping dangers REEFS
Lunar symbol for a very long time BLUEMOON
Books' opening sections PREFACES
Couch SOFA
Green-eyed monster ENVY
Absolute ruler DESPOT
Actress Shields BROOKE
Tree that sounds like a summer vacation spot BEECH
Pres. pardoned by Ford RMN
Jewelry protector SAFE
"Sadly ... " ALAS
Car sticker fig. MSRP
Whirl around SPIN
"So Sick" R&B artist NEYO
Pakistani language URDU
"Cancel that deletion" STET
Sugar suffix OSE


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