Monday, April 23, 2018

LA Times Crossword Answers, April 24th 2018

On this page you will find all the answers to LA Times Crossword of April 24th 2018.

April 24th 2018 Answers

Clue Answer
__ jacket: soldier's protection FLAK
Reeded woodwinds OBOES
Like some humor WRY
NASA prefix AERO
Grow fond of WARMTO
Elisabeth who played Finlay on "CSI" SHUE
Video game preview DEMOVERSION
Window section PANE
Naturally bright SKYLIT
College sr.'s test GRE
Elevator name OTIS
Commercial cow ELSIE
Before, in verse ERE
Many Louvre paintings OILS
Columnist Maureen DOWD
End of most work wks. FRI
Arresting image? MUGSHOT
Boxing legend ALI
Romantic jewelry item LOVERING
"A Wrinkle in Time" director DuVernay AVA
Sewer entrance MANHOLE
Past its prime OLD
"My turn!" IMUP
Soccer score GOAL
Mineo of film SAL
Muse of memory MNEME
Latin phrase about certain effects of alcohol INVINOVERITAS
Johns, to Elton LOOS
Finish in front WIN
Long look EYEFUL
Riga resident LETT
Social sin ... and what 17-, 23-, 38- and 48-Across are guilty of? OVERSHARING
Significant others, in modern slang BAES
__ Creed NICENE
Windy City daily, familiarly TRIB
Take a wrong turn, say ERR
"Spider-Man" actor Willem DAFOE
Racy Snapchat message SEXT
Passing fancies FADS
Oniony soup ingredient LEEK
Military force ARMY
Powdered drink mix brand KOOLAID
Be a debtor of OWETO
Place for mixed drinks BAR
Surgery ctrs. ORS
Political refugee EMIGRE
"Such sad news!" WHATASHAME
Written in mystical, ancient letters RUNIC
"Holy moly!" YEESH
Candy box size ONEPOUND
Thread holders SPOOLS
Vague sense VIBE
Liveliness VERVE
Of the Great Lakes, only Ontario is smaller than it ERIE
Diana of "Game of Thrones" RIGG
Mild cheese EDAM
Kinks title woman with "a dark brown voice" LOLA
Campaign ad target SWINGVOTER
Naturally evolving FOLLOWON
Pop's __ Vanilli MILLI
Fertility clinic egg OVUM
Sticky strip TAPE
Interlibrary __ LOAN
Strong sound from the savanna ROAR
Raises, as a sail HOISTS
Newspaper extras INSERTS
New York lake named for a Five Nations tribe SENECA
Yucatán native MAYA
"Gee!" ILLBE
Musical shortcoming NOEAR
Brightly colored VIVID
Snicker TEHEE
Send packing FIRE
Computer operating system UNIX
Pride Month letters LGBT
NBA official REF
__ Balls: Hostess treats SNO


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