Wednesday, July 12, 2017

LA Times Crossword Answers, July 13th 2017

On this page you will find all the answers to LA Times Crossword of July 13th 2017.

July 13th 2017 Answers

Clue Answer
Unit of heat energy THERM
Like wild boar meat GAMY
Rock-in-pond sound PLOP
Bit part CAMEO
Matty of baseball ALOU
Most Rembrandts OILS
Arabian's head covering? BRIDLEVEIL
"Concord Sonata" composer IVES
Nevertheless YET
Cools quickly ICES
Physicist Rutherford ERNEST
Arequipa's land PERU
Pats dry BLOTS
Mounting problem at Churchill Downs? STIRRUPTROUBLE
Film that's barely shown? NUDIE
Carry on WAGE
2008 TARP beneficiary AIG
Bit that can be split ATOM
Luges, e.g. SLEDS
Attracted DREW
Sci-fi vehicle POD
Midwestern tribe OTOE
Prairie wanderer DOGIE
Something well in hand at Waterloo? REINOFNAPOLEON
Stole (in) CREPT
Track piece RAIL
"Wait, start again, please" IMLOST
Track event MILE
Horned viper ASP
Like wild boar meat LEAN
Feature of 50-Down? HORSEVOICE
Bollywood garment SARI
Help in a bad way ABET
Writer Waugh ALEC
Bustle TODO
Symbols among notes RESTS
Frozen dessert chain TCBY
Overconfident fable critter HARE
Throw off EMIT
White alternative RED
"Le Misanthrope" playwright MOLIERE
Allowed from the mound GAVEUP
See 45-Down ALES
"You think I did it?!" MOI
Christmas cracklers YULELOGS
Destination in a simple itinerary POINTB
Has extravagant ways LIVESLARGE
Fútbol cheers OLES
Attractive sound? PSST
Lampshade shade ECRU
Stuffy PRIM
"Ratatouille" director Bird BRAD
Word with brim or bean SNAP
Many a Belieber TWEEN
Refrain from singing as a child? EIEIO
Singer Stefani GWEN
"Enough!" STOPTHAT
Room at the top LOFT
Kid's tea party attendee DOLL
Singles ONES
"You bet!" DOIEVER
Like much humor IRONIC
Blue blood, for short ARISTO
With 7-Down, bitter brews PALE
"Play it once, Sam" speaker ILSA
Spread, maybe MEAL
'60s TV personality who would especially enjoy this puzzle MRED
Supports AIDS
Macbeth or Macduff SCOT
Muscle Beach display PECS
"That price is negotiable," in ads OBO
Vein output ORE


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