Tuesday, July 25, 2017

LA Times Crossword Answers, July 26th 2017

On this page you will find all the answers to LA Times Crossword of July 26th 2017.

July 26th 2017 Answers

Clue Answer
Understand, in slang GROK
Greek liqueur OUZO
Time-traveling TV character DRWHO
Strauss of denim LEVI
Hair salon sound SNIP
Setting for much of "Moana" OCEAN
Final bio OBIT
"Too bad we have to throw out this uneaten food" WHATAWASTE
Asian noodle dish PADTHAI
Bro kin SIS
Earl Grey, e.g. TEA
Shrill barks YELPS
Word with room or center REC
Storied FABLED
They may need breaking in NEWSHOES
Bitter-tasting ACRID
Sioux City state IOWA
Doing nothing IDLE
Muppet who loves this puzzle's four longest answers? OSCAR
Astronaut Armstrong NEIL
With perfection TOAT
Blueprint PLAN
Chevy muscle car VETTE
Condition caused by 31-Across, at times SOREFEET
Snake warnings HISSES
Darling of baseball RON
Holey kitchen gadget SIEVE
Rooter for the Bulldogs ELI
Bro or sis SIB
Bennie's band, in an Elton John hit THEJETS
Hurls competitive insults TALKSTRASH
D-Day beach UTAH
"I swear!" NOLIE
Lotion additive ALOE
One of Emeril's New Orleans eateries NOLA
Test one's metal ASSAY
Many a Punjabi SIKH
Was positive KNEW
Yucky guck GLOP
First name in country music REBA
Roman poet exiled by Augustus OVID
Pet product also used for tire traction KITTYLITTER
Disney's Lucky Rabbit OSWALD
Behind the times UNHIP
New Mexico tribe with a Sun symbol ZIA
Goes (for) OPTS
Searches for water DOWSES
Color TV pioneer RCA
Way to go, per Horace Greeley WEST
More than dislike HATE
Draft category ONEA
Conflict with planes AIRWAR
Listen to HEED
Ski resort vehicles SNOCATS
Taiwan Strait vessel CHINESEJUNK
Trivia quiz fodder FACTS
Blessing preceder ACHOO
Prickly shrub BRIAR
McGregor of TV's "Fargo" EWAN
"Golden Boy" playwright ODETS
A-listers ELITE
Tennis great Monica SELES
Iona, for one ISLE
Christmas encouragement OPENIT
"__ la France!" VIVE
"Woman in the Mists" subject Dian FOSSEY
[Snicker] HEHHEH
"There, there" ITSOK
Sicilian World Heritage Site ETNA
Mekong River land LAOS
Misfortunes ILLS
Bikini tops BRAS
Kind of collar or jacket ETON
Story TALE
"Pygmalion" playwright SHAW
Bicycle maker turned automotive giant KIA
__ Baba ALI


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