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LA Times Crossword Answers, July 30th 2017

On this page you will find all the answers to LA Times Crossword of July 30th 2017.

July 30th 2017 Answers

Clue Answer
Moving manga ANIME
Celebratory smoke CIGAR
Cause of inflation? PUMP
Winter Palace ruler TSAR
"Hallelujah" songwriter Leonard COHEN
Mozart work OPERA
Sport involving protective suits EPEE
Sch. publishing the Daily Bruin UCLA
Gathering of zombies? TRANCEPARTY
Vacation including Caribbean dance lessons? SALSATRIP
Currency exchange table letters USD
Dietary figs. RDAS
Faithfully following TRUETO
Awards originally for radio only PEABODYS
Is strongly held, as a belief RUNSDEEP
Long while EON
Burro bellow BRAY
Chatty bird MYNA
Line in an Ellington classic ATRAIN
Company with a spokesduck AFLAC
South American squeezer BOA
Bundle up SWATHE
Eyelid malady STYE
Dumpster illumination TRASHLIGHT
Case with a strict time limit? SPEEDTRIAL
Screen door stuff MESH
Ranch rope LARIAT
Leader who resigned in his sixth yr. RMN
Wings it, in jazz VAMPS
Matching pair SET
Subdue, in a way TASE
City WSW of Bogotá CALI
Attorney general before Dick Thornburgh EDMEESE
Water gate DAM
Pricey mushroom MOREL
2015 Verizon purchase AOL
"Kojak" actor SAVALAS
Tinseltown pooch ASTA
Blighted urban area SLUM
Commonly injured knee ligament, briefly MCL
"__ Like You": Young Rascals hit AGIRL
Baggage-opening org. TSA
Exactly right SPOTON
Harbor sound TOOT
Semi driver's superstition? LUCKYTRUCK
Bugs' wealthy heir? TRUSTBUNNY
Antoinette's head TETE
Remove forcefully RIPOUT
Apnea-treating doc ENT
Come in ENTER
Like some interviews ONTAPE
Note at the office MEMO
"And step on it!" ASAP
Sailor TAR
Flipped before serving, perhaps OVEREASY
Gmail lifesaver UNDOSEND
Safari runner? IPHONE
Pub fun DARTS
American assignment SEAT
John in Wimbledon LOO
Photo including six-pack abs? TRUNKSHOT
Vocal technique used at seders? KOSHERTRILL
Theater section LOGE
Unlikely to bite TAME
Irritated IRKED
Kindergarten refrain EIEIO
Slaughter of the Cardinals ENOS
River of Flanders YSER
Drops of sorrow TEARS
Risk taker DARER
Cause a ruckus ACTUP
Like Thor NORSE
"It's been fun" IHADABLAST
Kings and bishops MEN
Make gradual inroads ENCROACH
Number at a doctor's office COPAY
"Count me out" IPASS
Lang. where all nouns are capitalized GER
Major route ARTERY
Futuristic arms RAYGUNS
Cancún cash PESOS
"Time to start the day!" UPANDATEM
Brooks of comedy MEL
Sugar Plum Fairy's dress TUTU
Hours often set by parents SCREENTIME
O'Connor successor ALITO
Knock at RAPON
Whirlpool EDDY
Plucked instrument, in Padua ARPA
Chews (on) GNAWS
Hardly humble BRASH
Hydrocarbon gas ETHENE
When doubled, fish often grilled MAHI
Its anthem is "Hatikvah" ISRAEL
Devices with shielded keypads ATMS
On the house FREE
Slant BIAS
Mythical monster OGRE
National Pecan Month APRIL
Barks YAPS
Besides ELSE
Guanaco cousin LLAMA
Fiesta fare TACOS
Marge Simpson or June Cleaver TVMOM
Knave of Hearts' loot TARTS
Moved like a kangaroo LEAPT
Unnerve DAUNT
Auto-painting franchise whose name reverses three letters of a transmission franchise MAACO
Margarita flavoring SALT
Fever and shivering AGUE
Quasimodo's creator VICTORHUGO
Mark on a bass STRIPE
Leave thunderstruck STUN
Going around in circles, say LOST
Only state capital without a McDonald's MONTPELIER
Roadwork marker CONE
Nearly six trillion mi. LTYR
Saint's home SUPERDOME
One may be crumbled on a sundae OREO
Albacore and yellowfin TUNAS
Harold's movie pal KUMAR
Radon detection aid TESTKIT
Honky-__ TONK
Indian city known for its silk production MYSORE
Purim month ADAR
Pope, for one TITLE
Splash guard APRON
Food processor? EATER
Lead to a seat USHER
Has to have NEEDS
"Seriously!" NOLIE
Sorrow DOLOR
Slot machine inserts ONES
Exhibits, as doubts HAS
Calypso offshoot SKA
Coastal inlet RIA


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