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LA Times Crossword Answers, July 9th 2017

On this page you will find all the answers to LA Times Crossword of July 9th 2017.

July 9th 2017 Answers

Clue Answer
Tortilla-wrapped serving FAJITA
Hardly a haymaker JAB
Pulled up a chair SAT
Whom Samwise accompanied to Rivendell FRODO
Backspace key, often ERASER
One who might err on the safe side? UMP
__ dixit: assertion without proof IPSE
Add zing to LIVEN
"Heavens!" GOODNESS
*Lids for a fancy box? OPERAHATS
*Easy order for a mixologist WHISKEYNEAT
Zing PEP
Donizetti aria "Regnava __ silenzio" NEL
Bee bunch SWARM
Watergate figure with a radio talk show LIDDY
Exude OOZE
Giant __, world's largest antelope ELAND
*Ceremonious choreography RITUALDANCE
*Lothario's organ ROVINGEYE
Bearded blossom IRIS
G, in the key of C SOL
Adjust, as a chronometer RESET
Tat misreadable as WOW MOM
"Is this some kind of __?" AJOKE
New England cape ANN
__ chi TAI
Biting ACID
"Good-bye, cruel world!," in Westerns IMAGONER
Worldwide anticrime gp. INTERPOL
Rod's partner REEL
Author Deighton LEN
Bench press muscle PEC
Ethel on "I Love Lucy" MERTZ
Produce a steady stream of CHURNOUT
Words with remember or forget TRYTO
Bon __: Comet rival AMI
"__ the loneliest number" ONEIS
"Argo" org. CIA
Fine __ ARTS
*Joe may come from one COFFEEURN
*Moved like a crowd MILLEDABOUT
Crease-resistant fabric ORLON
Estefan with Grammys GLORIA
Consider to be DEEM
Steel, e.g. ALLOY
Form opener LINEA
Key preposition OER
Boxer with feats of Clay? ALI
*Significant other MAINSQUEEZE
Deep-rooted ... and what the uncircled letters of the answers to starred clues are? INGRAINED
Rank people? AMATEURS
Swab's assent AYESIR
Blink of an eye TRICE
D.C. pros NATS
Cleo's undoing ASP
Fix, as a pump RESOLE
Former Midwest territorial capital OMAHA
Is for you ARE
Steely __ DAN
Airborne camera holders DRONES
Many a competition RACE
Bone to pick GRIPE
Fictional turn-on LOVEPOTION
Smelly-sounding German river? ODER
Windfall BONANZA
Smell __ ARAT
Fugitive portrayer before Ford JANSSEN
Believer's suffix IST
Pots, cups, etc. TEAWARE
Prefix with -pod ARTHRO
Handled containers JUGS
Every which way AMOK
Fraternal initials BPOE
Syrian president ASSAD
Touchy TESTY
Baseball unit with distinct halves INNING
Musician with a Nobel Prize DYLAN
Bread butts HEELS
The Who classic IMFREE
Female in WWII WAC
Boot from power OUST
Heavenly topper HALO
Original sinner EVE
Fired up LIT
Dexter's wife in "Dexter" RITA
Metal that's pumped IRON
__ effect DOMINO
Alternate version, in scores OSSIA
Farm connection YOKE
ER part: Abbr. EMER
Word with debt or guilt RIDDEN
Beaver's work DAM
Victim of hot wings? ICARUS
More classy FINER
Bond or bonding follower AGENT
Delight JOY
Dada daddy? ARP
"Uncle" of old TV MILTIE
Flagon filler ALE
Risk BET
Peptic problem ULCER
Rain-__ gum BLO
Apple computer IMAC
Nautilus captain NEMO
Like poison ivy TRIFOLIATE
One who remembers old flames with fondness? PYROMANIAC
Shocked accusation ETTU
Outlay COST
Actor Pat of Batman films HINGLE
NCAA's Bruins UCLA
Broccoli __ RABE
LBJ's antipoverty agcy. OEO
"The Sound of Music" extra NUN
Calculating snake? ADDER
Leads, as a band FRONTS
"Family Ties" mom ELYSE
Ancient Roman currency minter MONEYER
Anger IRE
Go-between LIAISON
Gecko, for one LIZARD
Dryer brand AMANA
Texas university in Beaumont LAMAR
Fairy tale baddies OGRES
Café con __ LECHE
Thought IDEA
Campus area QUAD
Heavenly bear URSA
"Monday Night Football" channel ESPN
Shade of green NILE
Hogwarts librarian __ Pince IRMA
That thing in Tijuana ESO


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