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LA Times Crossword Answers, July 16th 2017

On this page you will find all the answers to LA Times Crossword of July 16th 2017.

July 16th 2017 Answers

Clue Answer
Like many a postcard scene PICTURE
Imminently dangerous situation TICKING
Achilles' heel FATAL
"The NFL Today" analyst ESIASON
Transfers, as a T-shirt design IRONSON
Girl in Byron's "Don Juan" LEILA
Get back (to) RESPOND
Company that merged with Konica MINOLTA
Jason's shipbuilder ARGUS
Big party FETE
Gross fraction DOZEN
Brews for socials TEAS
Hook wigglers WORMS
Artist's talent EYE
Caribbean islander ARUBAN
Not just any old THE
Trig ratio SINE
Hollowed out CORED
Mayo is in it ANO
Behold, to Brutus ECCE
Knowledge of spiritual matters GNOSIS
North Pole feature TUNDRA
Come together GEL
City on Lake Michigan GARY
Casually arrive, in slang BOPIN
"Need assistance?" HOWCANI
One of dozens, for millions FACEBOOK
Had the nerve DARED
Tiny messenger RNA
Wise ones SAGES
Way to hit? TRAIL
Timed perfectly ONCUE
Lightning particles IONS
Japanese noodle dish RAMEN
Water collectors SUMPS
1986 #1 hit for Starship SARA
Gush on stage EMOTE
Spanish royalty REYES
Poppycock ROT
West Coast NFLer NINER
Musical Keys ALICIA
Stock maker's flavor enhancer SOUPBONE
Short-lived Mormon state DESERET
Chihuahua neighbor TEXAS
Manual reader USER
Deli delicacy LOX
Poppycock, with "a" BUNCHOF
Make busts, say SCULPT
Bad person to share appetizers with? DOUBLE
Copied APED
Taoist force YIN
Unsettling look STARE
"Bus Stop" playwright INGE
Berkeley school, familiarly CAL
Sickly-looking SALLOW
Rouge ou blanc VIN
Like 45 records MONO
Kate of "Th1rteen R3asons Why" WALSH
Mr. Spock forte MIND
Bridges, in Venice PONTI
Up against it INASPOT
__ cheese sandwich, popular Augusta National menu item sold for $1.50 PIMENTO
Wrapped up ENDED
Product of ocean evaporation SEASALT
Pisa party? ITALIAN
English novelist Charles READE
Nerve junction SYNAPSE
Ones handing out cigars, stereotypically NEWDADS
Poker phrase ISEEYOU
Rain storage tank CISTERN
Record, in a way TAPE
GI morale booster USO
Mixed martial artist Rousey RONDA
"Bewitched" character ENDORA
One of Chekhov's "Three Sisters" IRINA
Fleece CON
Shoestring hassle KNOT
"Land ho!" prompter ISLE
Wrote, as music NOTATED
Spray sources AEROSOLCANS
Fertile Crescent waterway TIGRIS
Pueblo people ZUNI
Virtual human companion NEOPET
Name that might pop up during a breakfast conversation EGGO
Just beat EDGE
Idiomatic bits DRABS
Old yellers CRIERS
Biform beast CENTAUR
Changing of the locks NEWDO
Cheering deafeningly AROAR
Move up and down BOB
Surface for stretching YOGAMAT
Five-time Kentucky Derby winning jockey ARCARO
Impulse-conducting cell NEURON
Brainstorm IDEATE
Breakdown of social norms ANOMIE
Fundamental rules CANONS
First Turkish president __ Atatürk KEMAL
Twists in a bar LIMES
Add pizazz to an ad, say SEXITUP
Kind of radial tire STEELBELTED
Christianity's __ Creed NICENE
Grinch creator SEUSS
"The Fog of War" director Morris ERROL
Personalized music media MIXCDS
Contractor's details SPECS
Something to say to a dentist AAH
Champagne choice BRUT
Trendy coffee order SOYLATTE
Leave no room in FILL
Wife of Aeneas LAVINIA
Spot in a newspaper PRINTAD
Muscle-to-bone connectors TENDONS
Common soccer score ONEONE
Kampala is its capital UGANDA
Unbiased NOSPIN
Out of whack AMISS
Base runners? AWOLS
Snow __ WHITE
Fries, usually SIDE
Tandoori bread NAAN
Peak in Thessaly OSSA
Poppycock PAP
Big mouth MAW


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