Thursday, July 6, 2017

LA Times Crossword Answers, July 7th 2017

On this page you will find all the answers to LA Times Crossword of July 7th 2017.

July 7th 2017 Answers

Clue Answer
Itsy-bitsy critter MITE
Caroler's accoutrement SCARF
Farthest from the hole AWAY
Slangy "Got that?" YSEE
Izu Islands city TOKYO
Soda opener? COCA
Thief at a sleepaway camp? BUNKROBBER
Red cap? CORK
Vivid dye AZO
Kibbutz entertainment HORA
End sections of some Greek poems EPODES
People who wear "I'm with stupid" T-shirts? DUNCEPARTNERS
__ Cruces LAS
It may be a lemon USEDCAR
Lhasa __ APSO
LP maker RCA
Fail a jewelry class lesson? BUNGLEBRACELETS
Bali or Hanes product BRA
Bridge call IPASS
Boo-boo OWIE
Deity with bow and arrows ARTEMIS
Bot., e.g. SCI
What drives a fashionista? CLOTHESHUNGER
Go over REHASH
Superhero with a hammer THOR
Natural resource ORE
Tissue box access SLIT
Run out of amusing things to do? EXHAUSTFUN
Forest climber VINE
Three-time 20-game winner for the '70s Red Sox TIANT
Cried WEPT
Classifies (as) PEGS
Trig functions SINES
Fine things? ARTS
"I'm the culprit" MYBAD
Brand once hawked by an eponymous "Joe" ISUZU
Joinery element TENON
"I sure don't want that" EEK
Retrieves dropped keys, say STOOPS
Hooded snake COBRA
Mogul emperor, 1556-1605 AKBAR
Bakery offering RYE
Like "CSI" work FORENSIC
Agreement ACCORD
Item in many an IKEA kit WOODSCREW
Lot division ACRE
Shoots the breeze YAKS
Carla portrayer on "Cheers" RHEA
Actress/author Holly Robinson __ PEETE
Obstruct CLOG
Marching band section TUBAS
When "Kansas City" is sung in "Oklahoma!" ACTI
Knock down, in Nottingham RASE
"SOS" group ABBA
Run smoothly PURR
Pickpocket's activity SNATCHING
Humiliate ABASH
Union address? MRS
Oscar night arrivals LIMOS
Peter the Great et al. EPITHETS
Butcher's offering LOIN
Brings great pleasure to ELATES
Shows anger, maybe SHOUTS
Ornery sorts CURS
Vermont patriot Allen ETHAN
Oscar-nominated western SHANE
Menial assistant GOFER
Flat fees RENTS
"I'll be there" message, e.g. RSVP
Author Wiesel ELIE
Number on old dials XII
BOAC competitor TWA


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