Wednesday, July 5, 2017

LA Times Crossword Answers, July 6th 2017

On this page you will find all the answers to LA Times Crossword of July 6th 2017.

July 6th 2017 Answers

Clue Answer
Many opera villains BASSI
Georgia __ TECH
'70s Israeli prime minister MEIR
Ration out ALLOT
Antioxidant-rich fruit in smoothies ACAIBERRY
Some earrings HOOPS
Celestial explosion SUPERNOVA
Midwestern pair NEBRASKANSAS
Japanese prime minister since 2012 ABE
Cold War weapons ICBMS
Northeastern pair MAINEWHAMPSHIRE
Ready followers? ORNOT
Jumper cable connection ANODE
Did lunch, say ATE
Morse clicks DITS
Fly catchers MITTS
Corp. money execs CFOS
Puerto Rican pronoun ESO
Bandleader's cry HITIT
Ring figure? CARAT
Southwestern pair NEWMEXICOLORADO
Queen __ lace ANNES
Lode load ORE
What the answers to three "pair" clues share, both in this grid and in reality STATEBORDERS
Soldier of Fortune subject MERCENARY
D-sharp equivalent EFLAT
__ del Sol COSTA
Prepare for mailing SEAL
On the less windy side ALEE
Woods components TREES
Automobil route BAHN
Healing salve ALOE
Frustrating roommate for a neatnik SLOB
Many opera heroines SOPRANOS
"I'll take that action" ITSABET
Checklist item TASK
Galápagos locale: Abbr. ECUA
Bos'n's boss CAPN
Hustles HIES
Stand-up sort MENSCH
Mancinelli opera "__ e Leandro" ERO
Robbins of Baskin-Robbins IRV
Shaggy Scandinavian rug RYA
Slow-cook, in a way BRAISE
Give a darn? SEW
Former African secessionist territory BIAFRA
"The Wind in the Willows" character MRTOAD
Handles SEESTO
Italian headquarters of Maserati MODENA
Out of the sack ARISEN
Around, so to speak INTOWN
French-speaking republic HAITI
Escapade ANTIC
"Crossroads of America" in Indiana, e.g. MOTTO
Law-and-order gps. PDS
Pancake-making aid MIX
Mother of Pearl, in an 1850 novel HESTER
Cantina quaff MESCAL
Head of England? LOO
Masonry support ANTA
Word with coat or shirt TAIL
Gaelic tongue ERSE
Bunch of bits BYTE
"What __ could I say?" ELSE
Evaluate RATE
D.C. Metro stops STAS
Escher and Hammer MCS
Fair-hiring letters EOE
Protein-building molecule RNA


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