Friday, February 2, 2018

LA Times Crossword Answers, February 3rd 2018

On this page you will find all the answers to LA Times Crossword of February 3rd 2018.

February 3rd 2018 Answers

Clue Answer
Bundles together, as wheat SHEAFS
EPA concern AQI
Cab alternative UBER
Field meeting HUDDLE
Choral extreme BASSNOTE
Predestine ORDAIN
Countermeasure ANTIDOTE
Jesse Owens, e.g. OLYMPICATHLETE
Advance SPOT
Part of NAFTA: Abbr. AMER
Rats along the Rhine? ACH
Rage IRE
Where snowbirds flock in winter? SUNBELT
Feller's tool? CHAINSAW
Cheap smoke STOGIE
Hamm from Alabama MIA
Windows predecessor MSDOS
Five-book collections TORAHS
Serious betrayals TREASONS
Henry VIII's third SEYMOUR
Kunal Nayyar's role in "The Big Bang Theory" RAJ
Ultra-secret org. NSA
River to the Seine AUBE
Winged figure of myth EROS
Monthly subtitled "The Magazine of Maine" DOWNEAST
Portugal's capital, locally LISBOA
Having an accent STRESSED
Speedily ATARUN
Astronomical dist. LTYR
Slight opening? ESS
End zone quartet PYLONS
Wave off SHOO
Fling HURL
Result of pulling the plug? EDDY
__ apple ADAMS
Real estate investment strategy FLIPPINGHOUSES
Year-ending ceremony participants SENIORS
Quatrain rhyme scheme ABAA
Airline with a kangaroo on its logo QANTAS
Common canal site ISTHMUS
Position near the top of some organizational structures UNDERBOSS
Spare tyre site BOOT
Kitchen finish? ETTE
"Pioneer Woman" cookbook writer Drummond REE
Voting bloc term used by Nixon and Trump SILENTMAJORITY
Backups' backups CTEAM
Bank nos. ACCTS
Techie on "24" CHLOE
Hirsute HAIRY
__ Heath: Thomas Hardy setting EGDON
They have their pride LIONS
Championship ice dancer __ Virtue TESSA
So to speak INAMANNER
Verbal deftness WIT
Rue stop? ARRET
Naval fortification SUBBASE
Winter cap feature EARFLAP
Piece maker REESES
Twine fiber SISAL
Suffragist who co-founded Swarthmore MOTT
Off the mark AWRY
EPA issuances STDS
Iberian river EBRO
Truth or consequences, e.g. NOUN
Aykroyd and Patrick DANS
Broadband choice, briefly DSL


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