Thursday, February 15, 2018

LA Times Crossword Answers, February 16th 2018

On this page you will find all the answers to LA Times Crossword of February 16th 2018.

February 16th 2018 Answers

Clue Answer
Scratch __: woodworking tools AWLS
Split wide open GAPE
Green "Sesame Street" character OSCAR
Scallion relative LEEK
Sea predator ORCA
Asian city translating to "place of the gods" LHASA
*Protection for a press feeding frenzy? MEDIABIBS
Tight headgear DORAG
Masseur's workplace SPA
Word with fly or about GAD
Shining example EPITOME
What a burglar hopes not to be SEEN
*Result of nodding off at an auction? SLEEPBID
*Sandwich-centric extremists? BLTRIGHT
Fort Collins sch. CSU
Merits EARNS
Italian capital EURO
Dilute THIN
Letters for John Smith? AKA
Besmirch TARNISH
Dudley the Dinosaur's org. ADA
Books with test answers KEYS
Twitter's bird, e.g. LOGO
One with a title OWNER
Cry of discovery AHA
*Where to read all the latest computer port news? USBTODAY
*Female employee of a tech giant? IBMWOMAN
Poems of praise ODES
Lincoln output ORATION
"No seats" sign SRO
Egg producer ... and product HEN
Tuesday dish? TACOS
Rating reduction responsible for the answers to starred clues DOWNGRADE
Expect AWAIT
Northern terminus of I-79 ERIE
Lute family members UKES
ATM features SLOTS
Kind of lily SEGO
Tendency BENT
Help for the poor ALMS
Acting on bad advice LEDASTRAY
__ jump SKI
Explode GOBANG
Parched ARID
Chem. pollutant banned in 1979 PCB
Canvas support EASEL
Elvis hits, e.g. OLDIES
Decathlon event SHOTPUT
Chocolate substitute CAROB
"Me too" ASAMI
Lost it RAGED
Elder hostile? AGEIST
River through New Mexico PECOS
Seaside eagle ERN
Immobilizing law-enforcement tool STUNGUN
Nose, slangily BEAK
Camp sight, perhaps LAKE
Forrest Gump, for one HERO
Some are tributarios RIOS
Cordial greeting HANDSHAKE
Notion IDEA
Budget competitor ALAMO
Cylindrical sandwich HOTDOG
Took care of things SAWTOIT
Sorrow WOE
Construction site apparatuses HOISTS
World's third-largest island BORNEO
Tiny bits IOTAS
Serious fight BRAWL
Former Portuguese territory in China MACAO
Aconcagua's range ANDES
Way more than a sip SWIG
Paradise EDEN
Animal home NEST
Willamette Valley state: Abbr. ORE
Obstacle RUB


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