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LA Times Crossword Answers, February 11th 2018

On this page you will find all the answers to LA Times Crossword of February 11th 2018.

February 11th 2018 Answers

Clue Answer
Hindu "sir" BABU
Beaucoup ALOTOF
Engineer's details SPECS
Shortening letters ETC
Abba not known for singing EBAN
From the top, to Tiberius DENOVO
"Yes __": 2008 campaign slogan WECAN
Boomer's kid XER
Measly treat for Polly? GRAMCRACKER
Marinade used in Spanish cooking ADOBO
__-Magnon CRO
Lizard-like amphibian SALAMANDER
Latin trio word AMAS
Breakers in semis CBERS
Ceremonies RITES
Work required to raise kids? FAMILYJOULES
Decked out ADORNED
Sextet in the Senate TERM
Levelheaded SANE
Math useful for cooks RATIOS
Advantage in kickboxing? FEETOFSTRENGTH
Fragrant compound ESTER
Ancient jewelry staples BEADS
Be an incredible speaker? LIE
President Taft's birthplace OHIO
Not dressed for swimming, generally SHOD
Small 27-Acrosses NEWTS
Snake oil hawker, say CONMAN
Wing ELL
They're heard in herds MOOS
Straight TRUE
2012 presidential candidate ROMNEY
The buying power of cash? WATTSINYOURWALLET
Like much folk music ETHNIC
Face or race MEET
Mad king of the stage LEAR
One in a golfer's bag TEE
Certain winner SHOOIN
Some 'Vette roofs TTOPS
Musical ending CODA
Divided sea ARAL
Crowded-room atmosphere FUG
Longtime name in catalogs SEARS
"The Exorcist" actor Max von __ SYDOW
Former mid-sized Chevy LUMINA
"A creel of __, all ripples": Sylvia Plath EELS
Fruit pastry TART
Reddened, perhaps RIPENED
Polished pearls? GLAZEDCARATS
Barbecue brand WEBER
Popular type ROMAN
Cleanup hitter's stats RBIS
Milk choice ONEPERCENT
Non's opposite OUI
Popular type ARIAL
Bad snippets of Miss Muffet's memory? SPIDERBYTES
Topper for Rumpole of the Bailey WIG
Thicket of trees COPSE
Persevered in KEPTAT
Traveler from 76-Down MORK
Sign before Virgo LEO
Lugged TOTED
Treatment for some causes of backache INSOLE
Puts to bed ENDS
More than just asks BEGS
Start of a magical chant ABRA
Canaanite idol BAAL
Certain singles bar frequenter, in theory UNMARRIEDMAN
Spot charges ADRATES
Showed bias LEANED
How many boxed sets are recorded ONCDS
Blackjack table gratuity TOKE
Puts too much in the fishtank OVERFEEDS
On behalf of FOR
Hindu title SWAMI
Organ part PEDAL
Coral reef, e.g. ECOSYSTEM
Hailed wine? CAB
Cool, colorful treat SNOCONE
Reign supreme EXCEL
Land at Orly? TERRE
Dracula repellent CROSS
Key with three flats CMINOR
Shells on Omaha Beach AMMO
Good, in Guadalupe BUENO
Painting and dancing ARTS
Preserves holder JAR
Trojan War god ARES
Mrs. on a spice rack DASH
Germany's von Bismarck OTTO
Suckling's milk source TEAT
How many are chosen? FEW
Ground grain FLOUR
Muscle-bone connection SINEW
Belgian treaty city GHENT
4-point F, for one TILE
Word with Ghost or Grail HOLY
First lady before Mamie BESS
Tally-keeping cut NOTCH
Wine label word CRU
City NW of Marseille ARLES
Pelican St. acronym NOLA
Mayberry tippler OTIS
Little one TOT
Marvin Gaye classic subtitled "The Ecology" MERCYMERCYME
Gluten source WHEAT
Texas Hold 'em declaration IMOUT
Mustang sally? NEIGH
Tokyo dough YEN
Hurdle for Hannibal ALPS
"More than I can list" abbr. ETAL
Actress Hatcher TERI
Unwraps excitedly TEARSOPEN
Political asset TACT
Home to 114-Across ORK
One-eyed Norse deity ODIN
Ready to eat DONE
Lots (of), as cash AWAD
'90s daytime talk show LEEZA
Brief quarrel SPAT
Unrivaled SUPERB
Bring to life, in a way REENACT
From the past OLD
Ones affected by bad weather, briefly ETAS
First word in France's motto LIBERTE
Opposite of pass REPEAL
One might elicit a nervous "Nice dog" GROWL
"Taxi" dispatcher LOUIE
La Paz paisano AMIGO
Belittle ABASE
Nettled RILED
Single-minded about WEDTO
Little snorts NIPS
Berkshire school ETON
Socially awkward one NERD
Sounds of disapproval TSKS
Jack, jill or joey ROO
One of a pair on a rack SKI


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