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LA Times Crossword Answers, February 26th 2018

On this page you will find all the answers to LA Times Crossword of February 26th 2018.

February 26th 2018 Answers

Clue Answer
Perp chaser COP
"E pluribus unum" language LATIN
Agreement to stop fighting TRUCE
Tycoon Onassis, familiarly ARI
Enticing smell AROMA
Steam, e.g. VAPOR
School group excursion FIELDTRIP
Santa __ racetrack ANITA
Absolute TOTAL
Ad infinitum NOEND
Oakland's county ALAMEDA
WWII craft LST
Prime rib au __ JUS
Costner's "The Untouchables" role NESS
First single by a rapper to reach #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 ICEICEBABY
Feudal drudge SERF
In the altogether NAKED
Somewhat conservative, politically ... and where the first word of 17-, 31-, 43- and 60-Across can literally be found RIGHTOFCENTER
Pink cocktail, for short COSMO
Greek "i" IOTA
__ Linda, Calif. LOMA
Vintage auto REO
Earl Grey, for one TEA
Optometrist's test EYEEXAM
Infant in a crèche JESUS
Railroad in Monopoly BANDO
Continuous humming sound THRUM
Actor's pseudonym STAGENAME
Reeves of "Bill & Ted" films KEANU
More than ready EAGER
Civil War soldier REB
Winning ONTOP
Operative AGENT
Evidence on "CSI" DNA
Lounging robe CAFTAN
Baltimore bird ORIOLE
Michelangelo sculptures PIETAS
Soup scoop LADLE
Singer Garfunkel ART
Canadian A.L. East team TOR
"You can count on me!" IMIN
Seaport in Italia NAPOLI
"Rabbit ears" on an RCA cabinet, back in the day TVANTENNA
Mapmaker __ McNally RAND
News org. since 1958 UPI
Camper's snoozing spot COT
Pitcher's stat ERA
Hightails it LAMS
Upper-left PC key ESC
Lose weight DIET
Prefix for phobia meaning "height" ACRO
One of the Blues Brothers JAKE
Ride for hire UBER
Pink Floyd guitarist Barrett SYD
Jennifer Hudson's "Dreamgirls" role EFFIE
Slugger's club BAT
Typical Western SHOOTEMUP
Don Juan ROUE
Analogy words ISTO
Yukon automaker GMC
Apple throwaway CORE
Craftsy website ETSY
"Lookin' Out My Back Door" band, initially CCR
High-__ graphics RES
Queasy feeling NAUSEA
Like unfatty meat LEAN
Ventura County's largest city OXNARD
Lunatics MADMEN
Single-celled organism AMOEBA
Film critic Roger EBERT
Jupiter's wife JUNO
Guys-only STAG
Boxing outcome, for short TKO
Farm clucker HEN
Stool pigeon RAT
Cake candle count AGE
Mil. bigwig GEN


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