Wednesday, February 14, 2018

LA Times Crossword Answers, February 15th 2018

On this page you will find all the answers to LA Times Crossword of February 15th 2018.

February 15th 2018 Answers

Clue Answer
Día de San Valentín flowers ROSAS
California's __ Gabriel Mountains SAN
Construction rod REBAR
Remove from the bulletin board UNPIN
Blood type letters ABO
Like 36 piano keys, traditionally EBONY
Lewis with 12 Emmys SHARI
"That '70s Show" exchange student whose nationality isn't revealed FEZ
Lessen ABATE
*Beer hall snacks HARDPRETZELS
Surf and turf, say ENTREE
NASA vehicle LEM
Tempe sch. ASU
Time for action DDAY
*Deli snacks BAGELCHIPS
Actress Neuwirth with Tonys and Emmys BEBE
Slim craft CANOE
"Tempt not a desperate man" speaker ROMEO
Pretty good OKAY
*Diner snacks ONIONRINGS
California wine valley NAPA
Favorite PET
One of three rhyming mos. DEC
Pavement cloppers HOOVES
Component of balanced health ... and what each answer to a starred clue looks like it should be part of? HOLISTICDIET
Lose one's cool in a big way PANIC
Murmur COO
Lift with force HEAVE
Car or tree feature TRUNK
Tote LUG
Film with lots of shooting stars? OATER
Stat for Clayton Kershaw ERA
Flexible Flyers, e.g. SLEDS
Blitzed, in football RUSHED
In stock ONHAND
Peloponnesian War victor SPARTA
Put on the line? AIRDRY
Wading bird SNIPE
No-risk SAFE
Help with an inside job, say ABET
Gas pump part NOZZLE
Genuine article REALMCCOY
Flows out EBBS
Feathery wrap BOA
House pest ANT
Bread with caraway seeds RYE
Insurgent REBEL
Charged fish? EEL
Indigenous Japanese AINU
Notice SPOT
Multi-tools have many USES
Old hoops org. ABA
Solo with a Wookiee co-pilot HAN
Nowheresville, with "the" BOONDOCKS
Cut closely CROP
Sharpen HONE
Skip over OMIT
Board bigwig CEO
Heart test letters EKG
Broth that's the base of miso soup DASHI
Cath. or Prot. REL
Christmas eave decor ICICLE
"The agreement is off" NODEAL
Take wing AVIATE
Rather put out PEEVED
Starlike flowers ASTERS
Figure-eight steps, in an Argentine tango OCHOS
Posterior HIND
Acidic SOUR
Draped garment TOGA
FG's three PTS
Exist ARE
Many a "Call the Midwife" character NUN


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