Wednesday, February 28, 2018

LA Times Crossword Answers, March 1st 2018

On this page you will find all the answers to LA Times Crossword of March 1st 2018.

March 1st 2018 Answers

Clue Answer
Tell target APPLE
Look for SEEK
Letting in some air AJAR
Dakota natives SIOUX
Lyft alternative TAXI
Record, in a way TIVO
*Man Booker Prize winner for "Life of Pi" YANNMARTEL
Put out EMIT
When the fewest pieces are on the chess board ENDGAME
Detoxification diet CLEANSE
Lean-__: sheds TOS
[Boring!] YAWN
"Letters From Iwo __": Eastwood film JIMA
*Star of '70s TV's "Good Times" JOHNAMOS
"Thwack!" BAM
Less ingenuous SLIER
__ window BAY
Through DONE
Scuttlebutt HEARSAY
Souvenir shop display TSHIRTS
Farm sound OINK
Farm animal NAG
Watering hole OASIS
Brimless hat TAM
*Actor in two "Jurassic Park" films SAMNEILL
Steamboat fuel COAL
Inflates, as expenses PADS
Significant time ERA
Eurasian plains STEPPES
ADHD medication RITALIN
Fuzzy fruit or fuzzy bird KIWI
Whole new person who can literally be found in the answers to starred clues CHANGEDMAN
OPEC member IRAN
2-point G, e.g. TILE
Dreadlocks wearer RASTA
Island goose NENE
Zipped SPED
Sp. titles SRTAS
Up to now ASYET
Composer John Cage's "Suite for Toy __" PIANO
Cold cream name PONDS
Organ with alveoli LUNG
Richard M. Daley and Ed Koch EXMAYORS
Scattered STREWN
Put down a hero EAT
Corp. head EXEC
Party poopers KILLJOYS
Elite squad ATEAM
*Gomer Pyle portrayer JIMNABORS
Driving company that sounds more like a flying company AVIS
"Thy love did read by __, that could not spell": "Romeo and Juliet" ROTE
Eastern nurse AMAH
Frozen Wasser EIS
Capture NAB
__ chicken: Jamaican dish JERK
Floor covering MAT
Start to trust? ANTI
Fool (with) MESS
Worn out SHOT
"The Last Jedi" general LEIA
*"Atonement" novelist IANMCEWAN
First antibacterial soap DIAL
Confucian text, with "The" ANALECTS
November tuber YAM
Oater belt attachments HOLSTERS
Economic fig. GNP
Plant juice SAP
"With ya so far" IDIG
State one's views OPINE
Slasher film setting: Abbr. ELMST
Western prop RIATA
Actresses Gunn and Kendrick ANNAS
Wear out TIRE
Armada unit SHIP
Purim month ADAR
Full Sail Amber __ ALE


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