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LA Times Crossword Answers, February 12th 2018

On this page you will find all the answers to LA Times Crossword of February 12th 2018.

February 12th 2018 Answers

Clue Answer
Send (to), as an inferior place RELEGATE
Partner of Paul and Mary PETER
WWII bomber __ Gay ENOLA
Trifling matters PENNYANTESTUFF
Iroquois enemies ERIES
Editor's "never mind" STET
One out on the lake, e.g. BOATER
Cookie holder JAR
Focal point in a theater CENTERSTAGE
That girl SHE
18-wheeler SEMI
Tablet with Mini and Pro versions IPAD
John Paul Jones was a commander in it CONTINENTALNAVY
Chevy subcompact AVEO
Rowlands of "The Notebook" GENA
Originally named NEE
May observance for those who died in military service MEMORIALDAY
Two-__ tissue PLY
Troubled state UNREST
Has a midnight snack, say EATS
__ upon a time ... ONCE
Kate's TV sidekick ALLIE
Statesman born 2/12/1809 whose surname can precede the starts of four long puzzle answers ABRAHAMLINCOLN
Señor's squiggle TILDE
Bottomless chasm ABYSS
Ones storming the castle, say INVADERS
Lassos ROPES
Activist Medgar EVERS
Russian Revolution leader LENIN
Diving seabirds ERNES
Fellows GUYS
Busy __ bee ASA
Bill with Hamilton on it TEN
NYC summer hrs. EDT
Be a nuisance to PESTER
Goes in ENTERS
Promote big-time TOUT
North Pole worker ELF
U.K. flying squad RAF
East, to 48-Down ESTE
"__ there, done that" BEEN
"I've got this round" ONME
Prickling with excitement ATINGLE
Tokyo's country JAPAN
Tequila source AGAVE
Color again, as hair REDYE
TV forensic series CSI
__ Pan Alley TIN
Rascal SCAMP
Ramshackle home HOVEL
Hostile force ENEMY
In addition TOO
Kennedy and Koppel TEDS
Gray's subj. ANAT
Dismiss from work temporarily, with "off" LAY
Put spots in magazines RUNADS
Foot's 12 INCHES
Side squared, for a square AREA
Legendary Spanish hero ELCID
"__ like ours / Could never die ... ": Beatles ALOVE
Flooring specialist TILER
Paris airport ORLY
Kendrick of "Twilight" ANNA
One step __ time ATA
Baby's spilled food protector BIB
1101, to Romans MCI
Chaney of horror LON
Bill for mdse. INV


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