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LA Times Crossword Answers, July 24th 2018

On this page you will find all the answers to LA Times Crossword of July 24th 2018.

July 24th 2018 Answers

Clue Answer
River through Kazakhstan URAL
Brewpub orders BEERS
Upper limbs ARMS
Expose BARE
Blue shades AQUAS
Chess piece that can't move diagonally ROOK
Big stars often have big ones EGOS
Apply, as liniment RUBIN
Apple from Japan FUJI
*Opposes in an election RUNSAGAINST
Wordless "okay" NOD
Put gas into FUELED
Assistance AID
Shabbily dressed INRAGS
High behind a cold front, e.g. AIRMASS
Pan-fry SAUTE
Boy band *N__ SYNC
Ill-fated Genesis son ABEL
Point AIM
*Welcome news for potential borrowers RATECUT
Tokyo-born Yoko ONO
River near the Royal Shakespeare Theatre AVON
Hockey legend Gordie HOWE
"It's __-see!": rave review AMUST
Tile type CERAMIC
Sudden bursts SPATES
"Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel" network HBO
Simpson trial witness Kato KAELIN
Report card no. GPA
Trapped by mundanity ... and hint to the answers to starred clues STUCKINARUT
Take a break REST
Ladybug food APHID
Apple discard CORE
Opera solo ARIA
Yankees' manager Aaron BOONE
Olympics sled LUGE
Fiddle (with) FUTZ
Kisses and cuddles, in British slang SNOGS
Former spouses EXES
App that arranges a lift but not a Lyft UBER
Pasta sauce brand RAGU
Elvis __ Presley ARON
Phrase on a heart-healthy food label LESSFAT
Flat-bottomed boats BARGES
__ sign: = EQUAL
Jazz great Blake EUBIE
Weather-related Native American ceremony RAINDANCE
Nine-digit IDs SSNS
Boxer's sound ARF
*Brit's traffic circle ROUNDABOUT
Magic charm MOJO
Icy road risk SKID
Hole-making tool AUGER
__ Heels: UNC team TAR
"__ little teapot ... " IMA
Soul singer Hayes ISAAC
Easily duped NAIVE
*"Word on the street is ... " RUMORHASIT
Post-op area ICU
Get a feeling SENSE
Schedule openings SLOTS
Order lots of STOCKUPON
Source of pliable wood YEW
Sushi tuna AHI
Easy putt TAPIN
Slap cuffs on NAB
Slap cuffs on MANACLE
Jun. and Jul. MOS
Microscope inserts SLIDES
"Bless you" prompter ACHOO
Just making, with "out" EKING
Court great Steffi GRAF
Ecuador neighbor PERU
Bar bills TABS
Gravy thickener ROUX
Encourage URGE
Shirts from concerts TEES
Toon devil TAZ


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