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LA Times Crossword Answers, July 7th 2018

On this page you will find all the answers to LA Times Crossword of July 7th 2018.

July 7th 2018 Answers

Clue Answer
Shiloh's parents, familiarly BRANGELINA
With 15-Across, kind of vehicle OFF
Regional charm LOCALCOLOR
See 11-Across ROAD
2005 Cusack/Thornton thriller/comedy, with "The" ICEHARVEST
Caramel-filled candy ROLO
Puckish group?: Abbr. NHL
The Righteous Brothers' "Ebb Tide" wasn't one DUET
"Really?" ISITSO
Demise DEATH
English house symbolized by a red rose LANCASTER
Julia of film RAUL
The Jungfrau, e.g. ALP
Cocktail salt site RIM
Not abundant SCANT
Put away ATE
"Smooth Operator" singer SADE
Besmirches TARS
Asian language LAO
As a whole INALL
Type of port USB
Thrust producer FIN
Some code taps DITS
Shell-shaped dessert brand CHOCOTACO
A bit less than a quart FIFTH
Stoolie CANARY
Ancient Cuzco resident INCA
Sushi topper ROE
Shel Silverstein poem "Hug __" OWAR
Ball attire DINNERGOWN
Bob Dylan's musical tribute to his wife SARA
Company with Wienermobiles OSCARMAYER
"Woo-hoo!" YAY
Chilling account GHOSTSTORY
Obligatory poker bet BLIND
Tamiflu manufacturer ROCHE
Boston-D.C. service ACELA
"Sorry" NAH
Feigned enthusiastic greeting GLADHAND
Brown family shade ECRU
Apollo 13 astronaut LOVELL
Ellington's "__ Song Go Out of My Heart" ILETA
Crossword clue features: Abbr. NOS
Constitution's ratification section ARTICLEVII
Root in perfumery ORRIS
Track through the woods FOOTTRAIL
Its worship is often forbidden FALSEIDOL
Uniformed greeters DOORMEN
Easy mark SAP
Prefix with gender TRANS
29-member org. NATO
Dalmatian, say, to a Brit UTILITYDOG
Store safely STASHAWAY
Rich pasta dish CARBONARA
Long __ AGO
GDR spy group STASI
Applies plaster to STUCCOS
Darling pooch NANA
Formicaria ANTFARMS
Supporting FOR
Prima __ DONNAS
Longtime name in baseball broadcasting CARAY
Half of diez CINCO
Ice cream alternative, familiarly FROYO
Lookout position TOWER
Any of the 25-Across kings HENRY
Dead __: very likely thing, to a Brit CERT
Sorta relative ISH
Noir weapon GAT


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