Wednesday, July 4, 2018

LA Times Crossword Answers, July 5th 2018

On this page you will find all the answers to LA Times Crossword of July 5th 2018.

July 5th 2018 Answers

Clue Answer
Cristal maker BIC
Challenging HARD
English town worth its salt? EPSOM
"Queen of the South" TV network USA
Moon of Uranus ARIEL
Goat sound? LONGO
Got together MET
Target, for one BIGBOXSTORE
"Goodfellas" Oscar winner PESCI
What a muff may protect EAR
Has debts OWES
Dairy producer CATTLEFARM
"Cheers" spin-off FRASIER
Hungers YEARNS
Campus official DEAN
Returning GI's diagnosis PTSD
Crush a test ACEIT
A bit off ODD
Ad Council ad PSA
18-time MLB All-Star Carew ROD
Crime scene letters DNA
Bowen of "Modern Family" JULIE
Bunny slope lift TBAR
After that THEN
Act that warms up the crowd OPENER
Baby bodysuits ONESIES
Instant Pot function SLOWCOOKER
Player on three FIFA World Cup champion teams PELE
Ballet shoe part TOE
"Molly's Game" actor Elba IDRIS
Typical annual meeting attendee ... or what 18-, 24- and 51-Across each can be, in a way STOCKHOLDER
Words of assent IDO
Nation STATE
Cluster of small stars? DLIST
Fresh NEW
Aster family member TANSY
Scalawags IMPS
Pump output GAS
Road warning sign BUMP
"It's clear now" ISEE
String game CATSCRADLE
Patterns that repeat HABITS
"Entourage" agent Gold ARI
"A diamond is forever" sloganeer DEBEERS
Golfer known as "The Big Easy" ELS
Foggy Bottom river POTOMAC
Winter coat SNOW
Tyrant OGRE
Springfield hangout MOES
Sit around LOAF
Body image, perhaps XRAY
Scott of "Hawaii Five-0" CAAN
What waiters wait for TIPS
Set on LETAT
Audition (for) READ
Out of patience FEDUP
Distracting literary device REDHERRING
Best-dressed goal? NINES
"American Dad!" dad STAN
Karate studio DOJO
Pipe cleaner DRANO
Nabisco nibble OREO
About 80% of the world's species, according to the Smithsonian INSECTS
Italian tenor Andrea BOCELLI
Like games needing extra innings TIED
Type of IRA ROTH
Goes around SKIRTS
Mahogany or oak WOOD
Covert "Over here!" PSST
Vocalist James ETTA
Balance sheet liability LOAN
Creative thought IDEA
Scatters, as seed SOWS
Major KEY
Low-lit DIM
Paranormal claim ESP


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