Tuesday, July 24, 2018

LA Times Crossword Answers, July 25th 2018

On this page you will find all the answers to LA Times Crossword of July 25th 2018.

July 25th 2018 Answers

Clue Answer
Like Joe Cocker's voice RASPY
Light-rail stop: Abbr. STA
Assists in arson, say ABETS
Waldorf salad ingredient APPLE
Waldorf salad ingredient NUT
Inhumane CRUEL
Terrain feature of permafrost regions GROUNDICE
Harry who led Wrigley crowds in "Take Me Out to the Ball Game" CARAY
Mint containers TINS
Patriots' gp. AFC
"Trading Spaces" topic DECOR
Units measured in BTUs ACS
Staples competitor OFFICEDEPOT
Skilled in GOODAT
It usually has four strings UKE
Madrid mama bear OSA
Jogging pace TROT
Really ticked off SORE
Builder's guideline SPEC
Took the risk CHANCEDIT
Some turkeys TOMS
Saturated __ FATS
Apply crudely DAUB
DuVernay who created TV's "Queen Sugar" AVA
"Time for my walk!" ARF
Pinch, as a pooch DOGNAP
"Star Wars" ruling body JEDICOUNCIL
Lynx coat FUR
Flat fees RENTS
Barrel wood OAK
Asian desert GOBI
Colleague of Gorsuch ALITO
Casino plays ... and events that occur as you work your way down through the four sets of circles DICEROLLS
Less furnished BARER
It's tapped into a tray ASH
Long range ANDES
Practices in a ring SPARS
Spelling event BEE
Out of order? MESSY
Disheveled RAGTAG
Yellow-orange fruit APRICOT
One paying for a plug SPONSOR
Positive sign PLUS
Ginza tender YEN
Sound of sadness SNIFF
Stanley of "The Lovely Bones" TUCCI
Cleaned one's plate ATE
Knuckle under ACCEDE
Support for an injured knee BRACE
Ace of Base genre EUROPOP
Prickly hybrid TEAROSE
Cunning SLY
Inane DAFT
Faked in the rink DEKED
Inauguration Day pledge OATH
Makes well CURES
Middle of a winning trio TAC
Dropbox files, casually DOCS
Complete fiasco SNAFU
Leaf-peeping mo. OCT
John Deere logo animal STAG
High hairstyles AFROS
Fan club focus IDOL
__ Mahal TAJ
Venn diagram feature OVERLAP
European archipelago known for its wine MADEIRA
Gradually becomes clear UNFOLDS
Showy trinkets BAUBLES
Stage crew ACTORS
Bank management aid? DIKE
Overly proper PRISSY
Prefix with act and cede INTER
Invisible urban pollution NOISE
Hidden trove CACHE
Out of sight GONE
Core muscles ABS
Blot gently DAB
Big name in trucks RAM


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