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LA Times Crossword Answers, July 29th 2018

On this page you will find all the answers to LA Times Crossword of July 29th 2018.

July 29th 2018 Answers

Clue Answer
Agreed JIBED
Compressed video format MPEG
Altar constellation ARA
Reach 22, in a game BUST
Features of Byzantine domes OCULI
Retro diet, to put it mildly PALEO
Keaton role in "The Founder" KROC
Sufficient, to the Bard ENOW
Coleoptera insect VOLKSWAGENBEETLE
Stir (up) RILE
Copier copy: Abbr. ENL
"Queen of Salsa" Cruz CELIA
Quaker cereal LIFE
Instrument in George Harrison's "Within You Without You" SITAR
Beats soundly DRUBS
Much of western Queensland SUBARUOUTBACK
Human-beast portmanteau MANIMAL
Gaggle members GEESE
Flabbergast DAZE
Basic shelter LEANTO
Blacken CHAR
Moscow Olympics mascot MISHA
One spotted at the zoo LEOPARD
Highlands headgear TAM
Theodore Cleaver, casually BEAV
Like Ophelia, ultimately MAD
Two-time Conn Smythe Trophy winner ORR
"We're approved!" ITSAGO
Type of center HONDACIVIC
Spring sign FORDTAURUS
Activist Davis ANGELA
Styled after ALA
Scientist with 19 Emmys NYE
Sink one's teeth into BITE
Feel remorse over RUE
"Jabberwocky" word meaning "evening" BRILLIG
Pride event abbr. LGBT
Faith with pillars ISLAM
Long-distance exploration program PLYMOUTHVOYAGER
Math points LOCI
Virtual human companion NEOPET
Joker's prey BUTT
Ducks with a distinctive blue-green coloring TEALS
Won't take no for an answer INSISTS
Ill will MALICE
Like businesses on Yelp RATED
Massive hunters ORCAS
Pilgrim to Mecca HAJI
When repeated, #5 on Rolling Stone's 2007 list of "40 Songs That Changed the World" LOUIE
Bitter __ END
E-ZPass payment TOLL
Sooner State city ENID
"__-daisy!" UPSY
Lloyd or Paul of Cooperstown WANER
River to Lyon SAONE
Mother of Pollux LEDA
General on menus TSO
Border EDGE
Vandalized, in a way EGGED
Roman god of the sky JOVE
App symbol ICON
Level for building, as land BULLDOZE
Moose kin ELK
Decathlon event DISCUS
Christmas trio MAGI
Mood-brightening PLEASANT
Gloaming, in verse EEN
Hunk GOB
Like Dickens' Dodger ARTFUL
Battle on a log ROLEO
Low card in a wheel straight ACE
B-deficiency illness BERIBERI
Baltimore NFL great UNITAS
Comfort SOLACE
Shake it on the dance floor TWERK
Knightley of "Bend It Like Beckham" KEIRA
Cub Scout badge WEBELOS
Ancient pre-Iranian civilization ELAM
Engine power source STEAM
Major 1973 decision ROEVWADE
No later than UNTIL
Ecological community BIOME
"Yuck!" UGH
Govt. health org. CDC
Triumphant laugh HAH
West in old movies MAE
Varnish ingredient ELEMI
Train unit CAR
Be equivalent to RIVAL
Magic act sound POOF
Shirt protector APRON
Emmy winner David LARRY
Opening START
Site of many Dutch embassies, with "The" HAGUE
"Famous" snack guy AMOS
Morse "E" DIT
Earnings booster BONUS
Tannenbaum topper ENGEL
Humdinger DILLY
Striped cat TABBY
Big name in WWI espionage HARI
Wine lover's word CAB
Problem for a sloop CALM
Dig (into) DELVE
Troy, N.Y., school RPI
Ancient region of present-day Turkey IONIA
Unregistered user GUEST
Received an AOL message GOTMAIL
Longtime host of "Scientific American Frontiers" ALANALDA
Shapes MOLDS
Coming to TOTALING
Some calculators HPS
Helper with a harness GUIDEDOG
And the rest: Abbr. ETC
I-5, e.g. RTE
NC joined it in 1861 CSA
Power in old films TYRONE
"Elements" writer EUCLID
Parental argument ender ISAYSO
"But there is __ in Mudville ... " NOJOY
Annoyed state SNIT
Relaxed ATEASE
Monopoly miniature HOTEL
Makers of many links IHOPS
Essen's river RUHR
S-shaped molding OGEE
Hawaii's state bird NENE
1857 plaintiff Scott DRED
His relics were the subject of a 1970s Met exhibit TUT
Niagara Falls reaction AWE
Suffered from HAD
Hound NAG


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