Monday, July 2, 2018

LA Times Crossword Answers, July 3rd 2018

On this page you will find all the answers to LA Times Crossword of July 3rd 2018.

July 3rd 2018 Answers

Clue Answer
Harry Potter's forte MAGIC
USAF officer MAJ
Some spouses WIVES
Susan's "All My Children" role ERICA
Memorable time AGE
Has __ up one's sleeve ANACE
Antisocial type LONER
Term start? MID
Swamp snapper GATOR
Mantra syllables OMS
In good spirits FEELINGFINE
Cause one's stomach to turn NAUSEATE
Monthly util. bill ELEC
Goof up ERR
Off the straight and narrow WAYWARD
Natural source of paper or rope FIBERPLANT
Actress Vardalos NIA
Not hurting for space ROOMY
Heavenly body ORB
Less extroverted SHIER
QB's stat ATT
Center of attention FOCALPOINT
Japanese straw mats TATAMIS
One-eighty on the road UEY
Patron saint of Norway OLAF
Read a clock TELLTIME
Gridiron goof FUMBLEDBALL
Bedevil VEX
Treat like a pariah AVOID
Maris, to "the Mick" ROG
Afghan's neighbor IRANI
Attend the homecoming game, say REUNE
Inseparable ONE
Things to shun NONOS
Use at the table EATON
Pricing word PER
N.Y. or S.F. athlete known for the beginnings of 21-, 31-, 42-, and 54-Across? GIANT
Honeydew or cantaloupe MELON
Pleasant smell AROMA
Infomercial knife GINSU
Sign in a hotel hallway ICE
Regular Martha's Vineyard arrival CARFERRY
"Glengarry Glen Ross" playwright David MAMET
Nimble AGILE
Obi-Wan, for one JEDI
Like a happy dog's tail WAGGLY
Shortly, informally INAFEW
1960s ecumenical council of the Catholic Church VATICANII
MBA subject ECON
Dry as a desert SERE
Wyatt of the Old West EARP
"I __ to recall ... " SEEM
Connecticut Sun's org. WNBA
Nothing, in Nice RIEN
Tavern missile DART
Greek campus group FRAT
Itty bit IOTA
Reach the lowest level BOTTOMOUT
"Gentlemen Prefer Blondes" novelist Anita LOOS
Eyebrow shape ARC
Grade school subject SPELLING
Axton of country HOYT
Marching band wind FIFE
Slow period LULL
White mouse, e.g. ALBINO
"On the Waterfront" co-star Karl MALDEN
Steakhouse order TBONE
Itching to go EAGER
The first Mrs. Trump IVANA
Runners occupying bases MENON
Have life EXIST
Cab cost FARE
Optic layer including the iris UVEA
Go down DROP
Louis XIV, par exemple ROI


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