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LA Times Crossword Answers, July 9th 2018

On this page you will find all the answers to LA Times Crossword of July 9th 2018.

July 9th 2018 Answers

Clue Answer
Driver with a meter CABBY
Ships, to captains SHES
Fraternal letters seen under antlers BPOE
City near Orlando OCALA
Mani mate PEDI
Classify in order of importance RANK
Former TWA rival PANAM
Hulk's emotion RAGE
Sommer of Hollywood ELKE
Self-inking device for check endorsements SIGNATURESTAMP
Stubble spot CHIN
Ankle pic TAT
Coins-for-bills device CHANGEMACHINE
Most loyal TRUEST
Poet Ogden NASH
Put coins in, as a parking meter FED
Goes public with AIRS
Say further ADD
Not timid BOLD
"Are You the One?" network MTV
In __: as originally placed SITU
Entirely WHOLLY
Interval before late fees apply PAYMENTPERIOD
Western treaty gp. OAS
What some eyeglasses lack RIMS
On occasion ... and how 20-, 25- and 43-Across go? FROMTIMETOTIME
Airline known for tight security ELAL
Saint Laurent of fashion YVES
Kidney-related RENAL
Sonic Dash game publisher SEGA
"__ we forget" LEST
Ernie Banks' nickname MRCUB
Tens and twenties CASH
Biblical twin ESAU
Etsy transaction, e.g. ESALE
Body cam-wearing law enforcers COPS
Berry promoted as a superfood ACAI
Explosion sound BANG
Scalds briefly in water, as tomatoes BLANCHES
Steinway competitors YAMAHAS
Got out of jail SPRUNG
Catch wind of HEAR
Slight advantage EDGE
Midday snoozes SIESTAS
A mint may freshen it BREATH
Front of the hand PALM
Like a GI doing dishes ONKP
Barely manage, with "out" EKE
Sunroof coloring TINT
Dash gauge TACH
Like winding roads CURVY
Turn out to be ENDUP
Steamed up MAD
"Too rich for my blood" IFOLD
"Little" Dickens girl NELL
Drain phenomenon EDDY
Pipe tobacco packer TAMP
Grammy winner Coolidge RITA
Public defender, for one: Abbr. ATT
Ardent fans BOOSTERS
Line on Levi's SEAM
Fashionable INSTYLE
Habeas corpus, e.g. WRIT
Boyfriend's ultimatum HIMORME
Dough in a wallet MOOLAH
1974 hit with a Spanish title meaning "You are" ERESTU
Cause of a dog's excessive scratching FLEA
Tattered cloths RAGS
Currier's colleague IVES
Walled land formation MESA
Machu Picchu dweller INCA
Treat roughly MAUL
Hamburg's river ELBE
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