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LA Times Crossword Answers, June 10th 2018

On this page you will find all the answers to LA Times Crossword of June 10th 2018.

June 10th 2018 Answers

Clue Answer
Scrabble accessories RACKS
Long-grained rice BASMATI
Cajun crustacean CRAWDAD
Target reader of a series of guides, facetiously IDIOT
Odysseus, e.g. ITHACAN
Struck a chord HITHOME
Kids' eager query CANWE
Subject of an 1857 Elizabeth Gaskell biography CHARLOTTEBRONTE
Seal predator ORCA
Really enjoy, with "in" BASK
'80s police show partner LACEY
Better, to a rapper ILLER
Proprietors' places INNS
Generous limit? SKY
"I'm __": "Dragnet" line ACOP
Organization that really counts CENSUSBUREAU
Meet with privately SEEALONE
Tearjerker need HANKIE
Nautical time units BELLS
Actor Morales ESAI
Tourism prefix ECO
Mojito flavoring LIME
Like some portrait photos BACKLIT
Unyielding SET
Having four sharps INE
Tribute group COVERBAND
Phoenix-to-Albuquerque dir. ENE
Gill openings SLITS
Like the Valkyries NORSE
"No Limit Top __": 1999 rap album DOGG
Stress, they say AGER
Shows obvious anger BRISTLES
Teddies, e.g. LINGERIE
Seehorn of "Better Call Saul" RHEA
Diamond stats ERAS
R&B singer __ Marie TEENA
__ Dumbledore, Hogwarts headmaster ALBUS
Poetic time EEN
Microbrewery choice CRAFTBEER
Play date GIG
RSA ruling party ANC
"Yeah, so?" BIGDEAL
Logician's "E" ERAT
Either of baseball's Griffeys KEN
Food stamp? USDA
How the euphoric walk ONAIR
"The Godfather" catchphrase BADABING
Lost intentionally TANKED
Rockefeller, e.g. OILBARON
Bletchley Park analysts CODEBREAKERS
Trueheart of comics TESS
Bass ending OON
Business bigwig EXEC
Worshiping figure ORANT
One of a deck's pair JOKER
"Star Trek" villain KHAN
Scottish resort town known for its whisky OBAN
Low area SWALE
Settled accounts, so to speak GOTEVEN
Big wardrobe ARMOIRE
Almost off ONLOW
Salad choice ICEBERG
Low-quality material, idiomatically SOWSEAR
Castaway's place ISLET
Bad guy in the song "Copacabana" RICO
Month before Nisan ADAR
Team that hasn't won a Super Bowl in its 50-year existence CINCINNATIBENGALS
Brando's "A Streetcar Named Desire" role KOWALSKI
Chateau __ Michelle winery STE
Antacid option BICARB
Olympians, e.g.: Abbr. ATHS
One-named Colombian singer SHAKIRA
Scuff, e.g. MAR
Often-injured knee part, briefly ACL
Confucian path TAO
IOC part: Abbr. INTL
It's seen on carousels CHECKEDBAGGAGE
Marbled cut RIBEYE
"Give it __" ATRY
One of many Seuss village residents WHO
Put on DON
Product, say: Abbr. AMT
Capital of Denmark? DEE
Nice cup? TASSE
Consult with the doctor BESEEN
Him, to Henri LUI
Figure in red NETLOSS
Indigenous NATIVE
Defiant challenge SUEME
Fashion model Wek ALEK
Amateur sport since 1893 COLLEGEBASKETBALL
Connected, in a way ONLINE
Mating game CHESS
Flip chart holder EASEL
Roswell sighting UFO
Sequence sung like "Twinkle twinkle" ABCD
Less cool NERDIER
Perp processing area CENTRALBOOKING
Sylvie's seraph ANGE
"It __": formal self-identification ISI
Reached an apex CRESTED
Cold War capital BONN
Singing syllable TRA
"Frozen" snowman OLAF
Catch a bug AIL
Evening on Etna SERA
Small fishing boat concern LEETIDE
Taunt RAG
Recover from a crash REBOOT
Place to keep leaves TEABOX
Over-__: sports wager UNDER
Boatloads SCADS
Michael of "Arrested Development" CERA
Prepare for impact BRACE
Summer hire, perhaps INTERN
Claim to call DIBS
Erstwhile CIA rival KGB
Algebra staples UNKNOWNS
Year abroad ANNEE
Casual Friday casualty? NECKTIE
Bond rating AAA
One whose business is mostly overhead? ROOFER
Lion or tiger ROARER
Banter JIVE
Nutritional stds. RDAS
Mother of Ares HERA
Ointment additive ALOE
Mature eft NEWT
Pixar Studios' specialty, for short CGI
__ cit.: footnote abbr. LOC
Bore, as a cost ATE
Yank's opponent REB
"Dude!" BRO
Underground org.? UMW
How-__: instruction books TOS
"__ lied" SOI


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