Thursday, June 28, 2018

LA Times Crossword Answers, June 29th 2018

On this page you will find all the answers to LA Times Crossword of June 29th 2018.

June 29th 2018 Answers

Clue Answer
Egyptian symbols of royalty ASPS
Fitness stat. BMI
Greeted casually, with "to" SAIDHI
Classic London theatre OLDVIC
They raise camp spirit USOSHOWS
Arrive on an air taxi FLYIN
Cereal box rank CAPN
North-of-the-border gas ESSO
"Could be better" SOSO
Second of a Caesarean three ISAW
Undressed BARE
"Squawk Box" channel CNBC
Feinted DEKED
Cheese town EDAM
Abruzzi bell town ATRI
The Congo, formerly ZAIRE
Tune (out) ZONE
Agonize (over) BROOD
Catching strategy TRAP
Key wood EBONY
Hyatt competitor OMNI
Horde HOST
Slow movement LENTO
Canter LOPE
Pre-event periods EVES
Pyramid, to Tut TOMB
Kindle reader, say USER
Quartet named for its members ABBA
Q.E.D. word ERAT
Major relative to F minor AFLAT
Checked (on) LOOKEDIN
Barely a trace MEREHINT
Party to a search SEEKER
Is for some ARE
Declines SAGS
Least well ILLEST
Dating from ASOF
Hard to believe TALL
Not like a sty TIDY
Carefully consider, literally ADVISEMENTTAKE
Slacks material CHINO
Kool-Aid alternative HIC
Marine opening? AQUA
Add to the list of possible perps, literally SUSPICIONPUT
Lowly laborers PEONS
Cooking-burger sound SSS
Dust jacket blurbs BIOS
Manicures, in a way MOWS
__ many words INSO
Rein in, literally CONTROLBRING
One who crosses the line SCAB
Wood dresser ADZ
Gem mounting BEZEL
Pueblo building material ADOBE
Talked nonstop RANON
Stomach relief, briefly BROMO
Bolshoi rival KIROV
White out ERASE
Firm parts: Abbr. DEPTS
Runs out of juice DIES
Hoo's first? YOO
Social __ MEDIA
Brainstorming staple EASEL
Operatic Gluck ALMA
Dutch colonist BOER
Put to sleep BORE
Unwanted workers ANTS
Uncle to Ben Solo LUKE
Vitamin C sources ADES
Libel or slander TORT
Doubtful interjections EHS
Tire shop meas. PSI


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